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Oh boy...Twittler needs a diaper change. Fuck every single one of these delusional, ignorant, hateful, mentally deranged assholes. Fuck them all.

ReadyforaChange 7 Nov 10

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How would Republicans put it? Oh that's right....

Biden 2020: Fuck Your Feelings


One person posted that and rest hate 45. They are all making comments about how idiotic they all are.


Going to Facebook was your first mistake, they’re worse than Fox News. I don’t have enough sanitizer to click your link to hell.

I didn't "go to facebook" it was on CBS news and somebody posted it on their facebook page. Gawd, combative much?

@ReadyforaChange That was friendly, said with a smile, but if you want combative fine. I’m a lover not a fighter so the worse I can do is block, so goodbye 👋


I block everybody. An actual friend of mine made a post I didn't care for. I blocked everyone who gave it a like, 20ppl, so when I chastised him I wouldn't have to argue with his moron friends on Facebook. Nobody saw our conversation but me and him. Fuck these people. I literally block hundreds of people a day on Twitter. People I've never commented to and don't know just based on the fact I dislike their political stance.

If you manage the people you wish to deal with on these social media sites they can be a handy tool. The reason I FINALLY got a fb page was to keep in touch with family back east. Since the 'smart' phone came along no one actually makes a call to speak to each other and I do not want a 'smart' phone so fb is my way of staying in touch. Then trump got elected and I realized all my friends on fb (I have 26 friends in my list) except one are democrat or progressive. I have only snoozed the right leaning friend once.

@silverotter11 I don't post on Facebook except birthday wishes and finding out who passed away. I comment on friends pages and I don't want to argue with their idiots friends, who aren't my friends. To me they might as well not exist. They are no better than bots. They are fugazi.

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