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In biblical times, it hard to take advice from most people who can't manage to live pass the life expectancy of age 30.


That guy only had to research the events he was mocking to learn why the ancient people did things the way they did. They were not fools. Rather, they were intelligent people making sense of a world they were slowly learning to know. We benefit from their efforts. The problem lies in 21st people believing they should live according to ancient philosophy. That's where the stupidity lies.

You are 110% correct! We are living in totally different time. Need totally new philosophy


Same thing that is wrong with all the other books in the bible, they're full of bullshit.


All gods are foreign and everyone wants to sleep with your mistress, so beware.


" of Jacob’s sons is going to sleep with Jacob’s mistress. Because this is the Bible."

Snicker, snicker...


What more can you say about it?

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