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LINK Melania Tells Trump It's Over

CNN reports Melania has joined the chorus telling Trump it’s over and he lost.

HippieChick58 9 Nov 15

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"So what do they call that act ?"
"The Aristocrats."

TO_BY Level 7 Nov 15, 2020

And just for the record, I hope she gets her just desserts as well; she is as deserving as he is.

I totally agree.


You know she never wanted this life anyway. She is probably as happy as we are he lost.


About time


Intriguing prediction:
"Political psychology will shortly become a whole new PhD subspecialty."
Can we devise a quick cure for political insanity?


The election or the marriage?


She never wanted this intrusion into her shopping and hate anyway. But don't feel sorry for her or think she's being coerced in any way

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