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FB, Concordia, and the Oligarchy - What can we do?

Concerning the FB issue - another thing that bothers me is why now? Over the past several years, corporate America has been rolling up the commons as best it can. This Concordia thing has been known for several years. Many news sites had comments sections, now those numbers are dwindling. Now there is a campaign to regulate FB; coincidence?

I'm sure the oligarchy took note of the Arab Spring and perhaps views free speech as a problem everywhere now. In regards to the last election, I found it disturbing that both Stewart and Colbert were bought out before the election. I think they would have had an impact with people in the middle.

The oligarchs engage in very long term planning. We are where we are now because Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine and the year after that, Rush initiated the ‘Propaganda Era’ of anti-democratic conservatism media exploitation. The the explosion of the deficit caused by a new tax plan that effectively increased wealth for the already wealthy can also be linked to the Reagan era. So looking back – his administration might well mark the beginning of a new Gilded Age for the Oligarchy.

Trump has doubled down on Reagan’s hand now. The question is what long range steps can be taken to counter the minority control of our Democracy by the outdated and absolutely corrupt Republic that we are supposed to pledge allegiance to? Is there a single goal people could work toward to save America from the conniving bastards? IMO many of our Founding Fathers were not only great Liberals, but closet Atheists as well. They won a battle, but we are still in the same war. Just wondering, has anybody else thought about what can be done? What would you do?

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jeffy 7 Apr 11

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The Koch brothers are the largest enemy of the democracy and the wealthest enemy we have. We need to stop their programs or at least point out how they hurt this government and the future of this country. They have taken over the republican party and their idealogy needs to be crushed as it is ruining this country.They were supporters of the john birch society and other elements like it.This one family exerts power that this Constitution was supposed to prevent.

right before all the news about the bad water in Ohio came out, there was a huge story about how the Koch bros were buying into the water business.

Im just wondering what they bought into since our infrastructure is pretty much failing.


We need ammendment ending private money and electoral college. We also need presidential candidates to have a psychological test including lie detector test. Don't need another crooked moron like Trumpty Dumpty.


Nothing to do.


The bright side is a lot of people have woke up, because of trump, and in a lot of ways. But also I think that people are seeing that the answer isn't just get rid of trump but making real change.
Change takes time and time will tell if we can make things better for all. I can only hope that we don't give up.


Let's just put it this way --- I'm getting a passport just in case.


I've order it which was published yesterday.


It is entirely possible. They are systematically dismantling education, the free press, and rational thinking in order to create a very stratified society similar to how India evolved under population pressure - a deep pool of cheap labor to service a very few wealthy oligarchic castes supported by religious dogma. Unfortunately here, the caste system seems to have developed along racial lines in addition to ancestral wealth.


I think people are engaged more than ever...! Also, notice how trump's tactics and even appointments, are falling like a 'rotten,' house? The basic structure is holding is just under a lot of stress at this moment! We need to stay alert and when the time is 'right,' the other people that are also waiting in the wings, will COME OUT! There really is more of 'US'...than there is of 'THEM!'


I don't find boycotting to be a good idea. For the most part, it won't make any difference and if it does, the only people hurt by it will be the rank-and-file employees.

I keep hearing 'vote them out,' and I can only hope that works, though I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't, what with the dirty tricks the GOP pull on a regular basis.

A Constitutional amendment seems the most likely option but I can't get my hopes up for that, either.

Sadly, the only things that seems to deter corporations from evil acts are government regulation or loss of profits. Seeing as they currently own government, what short of actual physical conflict would alter the status quo if the vote them out doesn't work I wonder>


WOW!! ALL of your concerns hit home with me. NO ONE wants to listen!! I voted for getting big money out of elections.
The boycott thing is okay BUT I feel it goes against the thing we want solved. That said I think we need to get education as the top priority NOT military spending. Healthcare and child care.
How do you end apathy? I fear not until we have another melt down like 1929 we Americans wake up. 2008 was not big enough as the super rich faired okay by the bank bail outs.
good post.

I'm afraid you're probably right.

"For men tied fast to the absolute, bled of their differences, drained of their dreams by authoritarian leeches until nothing but pulp is left, become a massive, sick Thing whose sheer weight is used ruthlessly by ambitious men. Here is the real enemy of the people: our own selves dehumanized into "the masses." And where is the David who can slay this giant?"

--Lillian Smith

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”

--Aldous Huxley

@VictoriaNotes seems others have nailed it and the education system has failed the kids. I can't even start on that issue - too much to do today. 😉

Read the book DARK MONEY immediately

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