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The US Election: A Foreigner's View - Mine.

It seems around 74 million Americans voted for Trump, many more than last time.

Early in the year I predicted that Trump would beat Biden. I was wrong. However that was before the health and economic catastrophe of COVID 19. All these months later with the economic and health mess Trump has created, Biden managed to win, but no great landslide, and Republicans thrashed the Democratics in polling other than for President.

What can we conclude? In my view it is clear without COVID and the deaths and economic impact, Trump would have won the election. Never mind the corruption, his treasonous actions, his rich elite focused policies, the Impeachment, all the stuff in the relatively worthless Mueller investigation, his attempts to underline the election, his support for racist groups... and all the rest, he would have been reelected for a second term. The impact of virus was just enough to get Biden over line, assuming he can defeat Trump's coup efforts now of course.

Does anyone here seriously think Trump would have lost if the economy now was much the same as early in 2020?

So, it seems to me that Trump's alleged 25% 'base' is a myth. It is actually more like 50% of the country. Half the US is happy with a criminal traitorous racist wannabe dictator as President of their country.

I know many are pleased that Biden won, as am I. But the US is not a well country, and I don't just mean the virus.

David1955 8 Nov 22

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First off it is a sad reflection of our times. Also, we all know, under the Republican corruption many voters did not get to vote. All the tricks gerrymandering, reducing drop boxes, making it harder for certain people to register and even vote plus the continues lies, obfuscations and blaming have skewed the numbers. If this was a fair election Biden's numbers would have been much higher. Unfortunately, it did take a pandemic to wake some people up as to how totally unfit he is not just as a president but even as a human being. Maybe these religious fanatics should see the pandemic as a wake-up message from their god. If tRump was gods chosen one god would not allow some 'natural' disaster to get in the way of his chosen one's re-election.


I just love these "I was wrong about that but here's why I'm right about this" posts.

A not insignificant % of people suck, and vote for other people that suck. THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE.

1of5 Level 8 Nov 22, 2020

In fact I said back then that Trump would beat Biden, unless the economy totally collapsed or similar. This was pre COVID. That seemed unlikely. I am able to look back honestly on the past. More people should. Simply put, without the virus Trump would have won. A horrible but accurate conclusion, in my view.

@David1955 i could have written your response for you, its so predictable. Biden won with essentially no campaigning due to covid while Trump carried on campaigning the only way he knows how - full speed ahead with as many rallies as he could possibly do. No covid = a more aggressive campaign from Biden with essentially the same campaign from Trump.


6 MILLION VOTES is not even remotely "just over the line" and you forget he Lost by 3 million votes last time, (conveniently?).........your worry is noted but please do not make stuff sound much worse than it is.

I repeat, 74+ million voted for him, more than 2016, and after 4 years of horror, 200,000 + dead, and economic collapse. And I'm making it sound worse?


Really simple the wealthy and their corporations are very adaptable when it comes to controlling the masses of the population of this country!!!
The wealthy and their corporations with the use of the banks and hedge funds are about to own over 95% of all owned real and intangible property with in the USA!!!

The coronavirus pandemic whether manmade or natural has given the wealthy and their corporations the windfall they have been working on for over 80 years this time to control overtly the populace of the USA!!!

With over 66 million out of work since May, stagnant wages, over 120 million without healthcare, the over 140 million in food daily need in this country!

The outright thief of homes equity by the banks and mortgage companies, which will shortly own over 80% of homes in this country outright!!!

This is the biggest swindle since the Great Depression!

They call it the big Reset, the reality it is the biggest Ponzi scheme every push down the throats of people of this country and our planet!!!


Agree! USA is established on slavery and heavily indoctrinated corruption of government. General population is poorly educated without any critical thinking or empathy about social structures and common sense. I’m happy that Biden/ Harris won but they were not my first choice.And I’m still thinking about moving out,rednecks and racists are repulsive,IMO. I loathe anything associated with Republican Party, family and friends too! I consider myself world citizen and trying to convince my kids to move out,this is not country that I wanted to move in years ago.


What does the term Monday Morning Quarterback mean to you?

Well I don't know. Is it similar to so called experts on US mainstream TV proclaiming that Americans have rejected Trumpism for a new day, and America can go back to truth, justice and the American way, just like on American TV shows? You tell me.

@David1955 I believe that would be saturday night quarterbacking


IMHO, I think the sickness stems from so many Americans lacking a quality education.

and poor critical thinking skills. Too much education is focused on work and job skills, so I agree with you.

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