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LINK The Ancient Heresy That Helps Us Understand QAnon | On the Media

Jeff Sharlet on On The Media explains how biblical era gnostic thinking, subsequently suppressed by the mainstream church as heresy, has reappeared and is now driving QAnon and Trumpism. It explains an awful lot, especially why telling so-called "Christian" evangelicals they are hypocritical or not Christian has no effect. They have just reverted to the old heretical ways. After all the gnostic gospels which they are now using to fuel their anti-truth anti-reality movement were just those suppressed by the lame-stream Christian authoritarian church which they probably now just see as an early manifestation of "the deep State".

prometheus 7 Nov 23

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Was there another link on the link that discussed gnosticism? From what I know about it, I can't see that it is related to Trumpism.

The podcast itself talks about Trumpism - going against the grain. Ignoring facts over self knowledge based on whatever you want to belief.

@prometheus Doesn't sound like gnosticism to me. Which texts are they citing as the basis? Nag Hammadi? Later gnostics such as Blake?


Fascinating but he is weak on how to deal with it. That's because he doesn't cite the root source - growing inequality! Inequality and economic instability leads to the growth of ideological fanaticism. More economic justice and inclusion will render this nonsense back to a fringe element. The podcast shows the weakness of the superficial intellectual analysis of liberal thinkers not grappling with the hard realities people face.


Gnosticism is hidden esoteric knowledge. Some might say it is made up. I understand the link here, but when it comes to the "Deep State" Steve Bannon admitted in an interview that he and Donald Trump simply made it up. I can believe that, and now books are written about it. I have to think that if it was true Trump would no longer be alive.

Well you know it is made up because he has never managed to name anyone proven to be involved in his made up charges. And despite four years, the AG in his pocket, and all the executive powers he made up for himself he did not manage to identify, indict, or convict a single QAnon alleged pedophile/sex trafficker/child blood drinker.

So maybe the "Deep State" was made up - just like I made up the "Deep Swamp" from whence HE came, it still plays into the gnostic narrative and as we know his followers are consummate pattern matchers. Anything that matches their beliefs is seized and amplified, everything else is ignored or written off as fake news.

@prometheus This is the trump loyalist who spread those conspiracy theories :


@TimeOutForMe it's so sad when otherwise intelligent people sell their souls for profit and power. Antisocialism is literally trying to be the death of us.

Frankly, fuck em



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