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LINK If the Moon were replaced with some of our planets - YouTube

Very cool! Which planet would you like to see every night? Saturn or Jupiter for me.

BeeHappy 9 Apr 11

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Did you know that without our moon it is believed that life on earth might not have existed. The motion of the moon has such an effect on our climate that it enhanced the prospects for life. A larger sun would also have prevented life.

No, I didn't know that.




Tho pretty, I wonder how accurate. I think some planets, especially Jupiter or Saturn would look MUCH bigger in our sky if at the same distance from us that our moon is. & the gravitational effects, well, can you say Doomsday boys & girls?!?

There are actually a few videos on YouTube that do the same thing. They all are slightly different. Accuracy... it's more for fun don't you think?

@BeeHappy No. Fun is fine, as in the above, but accuracy is crucial. Witness the collapsed bridge in FL as just one tiny example!


very cool! I want Saturn!

toss between that and Jupiter

Me too!

I doubt it. Think of the gravitational pull, the effect on tides, your sleep, your body shape, the earth's shape, the earth's rotational speed, the winds, the rain, the magnetic compass ...

@FrayedBear yeah, yeah, yeah, and all that. Leave me my fantasy please. We need some dreams in the day and age.


No Uranus jokes ? 😟 neat video though.

No Bill hasn't been here yet. Lol

@BeeHappy darn

@ScienceBiker that's going to be a lot harder to make immature jokes about, Ya know.

@BeeHappy You should be glad I made my comment before I saw this!

@phxbillcee, I am! ?


Cool images! Thanks

You're welcome! ?

Quite an idea. Put up a cinema screen and project selected images onto it.


Interesting images but the change in tidal force woukd really suck.

So say Saturn or Jupiter were our moon. How much do you think the tidal force would change?

That's really the whole question, isn't it? Are all of these depictions supposed to show the planets at the same distance that the moon is currently; around 250K miles? And, what happened to Pluto? (Just kidding)

@Condor5 The greater is of the Pluto is not a planet crowd. I think that is what he is trying to show not sure how accurate it is for the two biggest.

@Condor5, @BeeHappy Enough that if they didn't tear us apart we would be the moon not them.

@HeathenFarmer leave it to men to take an aesthetic effort and analyze the scientific accuracies/inaccuracies. Kinda like trying to find patterns in Jackson Pollock paintings.

@Condor5 What?!? You don't see them?

@phxbillcee, I have tried, believe me. Even with cannabis, no go. Maybe peyote? Acid? No, I'm never doing that again.

@phxbillcee, @Condor5 Hey, it is what we do images inspire thought and thought leads to ideas and conclusions. I don't even need drugs to make my mind race.

@HeathenFarmer, my mind doesn't race anymore, it can't even find the track.

@Condor5 Mine has always been an off track racer.

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