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LINK Evangelicals Freak Out - YouTube

Christian nut jobs losing their minds over Trumpy Dumpty's election loss.

anglophone 7 Nov 24

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I am always gobsmacked when I hear these shit-heads claiming they know God or had communication with God. Utter megalomania.

And then there are those who demonize the democrats as evil. Yikes. Hate is all they know. I realize these people are unlikely to contribute to our society, but it is tragic that they have wasted their time on lies. What a waste... No god would allow it...

Yes, hate and delusion. They remind me of a number of genocidal dictators in history.


A bunch of lying, racist hypocrites with no real understanding of the preaching, or reported preaching of their Jesus. Screw the poor and hate your enemies.


They freaked out because Trump freaked out. Preachers followed the fearless leader and indoctrinated the freakout to the flock.

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