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Why do we need prayer and fasting for anyone in any situation? To bow your head and start talking to yourself with your eyes closed does not better anything.


Pray and fast, it has been proven that 100% of the ones who fast will be hungry afterwards, and 100% of those who pray will believe they have accomplished something and will feel very good about themselves. It has also been proven that the victims will not benefit at all from that useless bullshit.


And I'm happy to say he's taking a lot of flack for it since he won't make a mask mandate. The Cherokee Nation leaders as well as many political leaders and the News networks are giving him grief!

Here in OK we call him Stitt The Shit.

Leelu Level 7 Dec 1, 2020

There are indeed many of us natives who are blown away by his stupidity.

@StarvingArtist Yes and I'm glad we/they are speaking up.

Agree! It’s been refreshing to hear tribal leaders following science and not politicizing our health.


It's really dangerous to have elected officials who doubt or downplay science. Trump is a rotten person for downplaying the virus and the effectiveness of wearing masks. Shame on any elected official who does so.


So wrong on many counts. First and foremost, his god should never be welcome in official government activity.
Secondly, when will these turds realize their god is like tits on a bull, worthless.....


Yeah, what you said. 😉


Ya mean , fasting and praying DON'T prevent Covid !!!??? Well shit ....

Fasting may actually, it does tend to boost the immune system.
Praying however is like the “win the lottery” retirement planning strategy...

@Canndue I fast myself 6 times a year for 3 days.

It’s done me a lot of good. I recommend it highly. One have to have a lot of willpower.

@SeaRay215ex I fast as well, typically 2 days, 3 should be easy. Just haven’t done it yet. Pretty well fat adapted so hunger isn’t that big a deal.

@SeaRay215ex I've fasted over the years - usually for at least five days. My longest was for 21days - water only ( a bit much, I'll admit). I've always been amazed at how good I feel - physically and mentally - after the first couple days. Also much more time not devoted to the purchase/prep/eat/clean-up time !


Hope this subhuman piece of garbage gets COVID.........or something worse.

Since we are just hoping and wishing, why not hope and wish that he would recognizes what an ignorant fool he has been and start living a reality, evidence based existence which requires no harm to anyone.

@jlynn37 You mean well........but people like this are delusional, greedy beyond belief, no sense of empathy, no good to anyone. Win at all costs no matter who gets hurt.

They are simply incapable of being better people.

He had it months ago. Unfortunately, like 45, he he's still here.


Dipshits. I was driving through Ohio a couple weeks ago and their Republican governor was on NPR talking about his curfew AND how it has beendiscovered, "in just the last couple of weeks" how effective masks really are. Where are his kidnappers?

They are ppl who want to impeach Mike DeWine. I think he's done a decent job but some feel he could have done more. IDK. I don't like wearing a mask but I wear it because it's the right thing to do to stop the spead.

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