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Dave Daubenmire Now Claims His Meeting With Bill Barr Was a Warning From God


xenoview 8 Dec 5

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Yeah, that is exactly what it was, not.


what a load of crap!


The same asses had god electing tRump, so where is god now - they should respect god's choice.


The first paragraph shows how insane these religious zealots have become. We really need t find some place in the country, build a wall around it and send these people to have it out with one another.


Dunning kruger is strong in this one.


The FARCE is strong in this one I see.
Sincerest apologies to George Lucas and Star Wars here btw.


Sounds like he wants to control the run off election.


These freaks are so silly. I like how they believe that their god talks to them, and tells them to do stupid shit like this !!!! LOL


Daubemire's comment of Barr's election comment to AP... "

“If Bill Barr said that, thank God, Lord, you’re exposing him,” Daubenmire said. “I know it’s the deep state. I know Barr could be involved with it. I know the FBI is corrupt. I know the CIA is corrupt. I know the media. I understand. I see the whole picture.”"

Seems everyone is corrupt except those that are truly corrupt.


I love how white supremacists act like they have a personal relationship with God. Stupid.


Dave Daubenmire is an irredeemably dangerous lunatic.

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