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LINK New York attorney general predicts Trump will step down, allow Pence to pardon him | TheHill

I don't buy this scenario for a few reasons, but you can't predict crazy. I think its much more likely he pardons himself (along with "everyone he's ever spoken too" ) and take his chances with an originalist supreme court he put 3 members on.

1of5 8 Dec 8

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I've heard that Trump is on the hook for crimes in the state of New York and federal pardon wouldn't be able to help him there. I hope so at least.

Prety much how I understand it, too.


Does DJT trust Pence, or anyone, that much?

Nope. Only family. Pence wants to run in 2024 and can easily say that Trump has done nothing illegal so doesn't need a pardon tarnishing Trumps reputation. If the roles were reversed its what Trump would do to Pence.

@1of5 Of course. And Pence has religious followers, maybe more than Trump.


I wouldn't put anything past the Orange Nightmare.



Not yet last minute

Last one on his way out the door, probably.


Do it now please!!!!!!

You'd rather have Pence?

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