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Thank you all for your warm reply.

I was watching yesterday an interview by two men famous in Mexico. And one said Quote β€œ like the typical atheist that when he noticed that the plane he was traveling was going down and he screamed to God to save him”!
That’s the mentality.
Or when you going through big troubles or difficulties and you (β€œ put it in the name of God&rdquoπŸ˜‰ saying β€œGod I will leave it in your hands”

I mean really is that’s how you live your life?

I don’t understand.

Nenaque 4 Dec 9

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This crappy fallacy is used in many ultra religious countries, which by no coincidence are also the poorest countries in the world, like Mexico, and it is basically that, BULLSHIT. There is no shred of evidence from anywhere that this has ever happened, yet these religious imbeciles repeat it in social media, conversations, and everywhere their miniscule braineashed minds makes them repeat like a broken record as it were something true. I can give you my personal experoence as someone who has traveled by air extensively accumulating millions of miles, and having my higher than average share of aircraft malfunctions, bad weather, etcetera, when things got really bad That didn't even cross my mind, I was always thinling on the things I could do to improve my chances of survival.

I agree. I am originally from Mexico. I moved here more than 30 years ago. My country is religious to the core.
I came to the USA thinking that it was going to be different here, to my surprise here in the USA have more religion groups than in Mexico.


Just as a sanity check at my end, can you now message other people on this site?

Yes. Just click their name, which will open a pop-up with a profile and you can message from there.

@BufftonBeotch I was concerned to know if @Nenaque now had sufficiently many points. Sorry for the confusion.


Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, was a pilot and atheist. I don't remember the details, but he apparently was in a plane that was going down, briefly thought about god, but wondered why a god would bother with him after a lifetime of focused on surviving the crash...and did.

Jen Peeples, who used to be a cohost of the "atheist experience", also flew helicopters (I think) in the military, and said she had to focus on piloting when her chopper was going down.

I never really thought about it, but there was only once in my life where I thought I might die. I had food poisoning so bad than an ambulance took me to the hospital. My concentration the entire time was to give the doctors all the most accurate information I could, to the best of my ability to remember (for some reason they kept asking me if I drank river water, which of course I had not). I never once thought about god, or anything supernatural, but I do remember being surprised about how clearly I was thinking at certain points despite feeling like I was on death's door. My fear at feeling so terrible was motivating me to focus my thinking so I could help the doctors figure out what was wrong with me. And they did.

This is interesting:


This atheist has had a near-death experience and my response was well I'm going to die and I can't do anything about it.

My atheist husband knew he was going to die and he never called out for God's help..

In other words as others have said this is just their fantasy and their fear.


Something theists have said forever to drag us down to their level....pathetic!


I think that the idea of atheists/agnostics turning to God in times of trouble is more of a religious fantasy than a reality. It makes them ridiculously happy to think that we would call upon their God.

They fail to see the parallel (or is it the converse?) in their seeking actual physical care for actual physical problems. The hypothetical atheist calling out to God for rescue is, after all, no less logical than one who claims that God heals, but seeks a physician to do the actual work.


It's like the old saying that there are "no atheists in foxholes." I don't remember where I read this, but one responded, "Yes, there are."

Gore Vidal said something to the effect, "If there was a God, he wouldn't have somebody wonderful like me in the foxhole getting shot at".

It’s from the Second World War.
Was one of the more famous US generals.... it escapes me know.


I've just always wondered who are these witnesses testifying as to how Atheists react on doomed air flights.

They are liars who delight in telling fiction and spreading lies.

They walk to safety just before the plane hits.


I second @KKGator's comment.

I have no time for the willful ignorance and logical fallacies of the God Mob.


Weak, fear-filled people have no confidence, so they feel the need to rely on magical-thinking and fictional characters.

They really don't 'have' to, but it's just easier than actually taking responsibility and doing the work themselves.


When my daughter was 5 years old they found a tumor on her brain stem. While it was benign, it still had to be removed as it was rapidly growing and would soon start affecting her motor skills. While in the hospital they had a woman walking around offering to pray with people who wanted it. When she approached me I asked her why would I want to pray to a god that allowed a 5 year old to have a brain tumor. She replied with some BS about testing my faith. I told her where she could put her faith in a god that allowed children to suffer and she left.

When the DOCTORS removed the tumor and my daughter came out of it with a smile, I thanked them for their hard work in saving her. They were humble in accepting my thanks. No gods involved.

I have never in my life cried out to a god to do anything for me. The thought of it sounds ridiculous.

My older sister is in remission from Stage 4 breast cancer and had a heart attack last spring. When she gives an update on her health in FB, her friends write platitudes such as "thank god," or "it's all in god's hands."

I write, "Thank you science and the doctors who practice it."


It shows how powerful the indoctrination is. They embed it into us when we're very young so that we know nothing else. My last words are that popular command, "Goddammit! If there's an afterlife I'll make sure to come back an te ... Hey dammit! Stop that! What do you mean it's a secret? ...


In the words of Elwood Blues β€œ holy mother of blast acceleration, don’t fail me now!”


We don't know if there is an afterlife. You won't know until you die.


I feel that it depends on the individual, my grandfather for an example, was a hardcore atheist, that is until he was dying at a hospice, my grandmother told me that he had called in a Catholic priest to get him his last rights. Blew my mind, but yout never know until you're the one there in his place, what anyone would do, besides, when you're dying why would you give a shit what anyone thinks, I sure as hell wouldn't. It's no ones business anyway what anyone does when they're the ones doing the dying.


Well some people do. They panic. Who knows how we or any of us will react during certain situations. That really does not matter though.

I have posted this before. When the German Pilot committed suicide by crashing his plane into the mountainside a couple years ago, there were about 150 people including 2 babies. There were people from around the world of different races and religions. No matter what their beliefs and no matter what they were praying or screaming just before they were horribly ripped apart, they ended up dead, their beliefs having mattered not in the slightest. Life happens and life goes on and life has always gone on despite what anyone has believed or believes. No one and nothing is there to save us. There is no hand to take our hand. History has proved unequivocally, that this is the case.


I do not do that. Have no idea what others do.


I know for myself, I can't exactly say who these people are but that is not my point of view there is no god IMO so calling to an imaginary thing for help in any crisis would be futile, actions make changes, praying wastes time and serves no purpose.


I served in Viet Nam...never attended any church services and never prayed....and here I am healthy and sound of body.

Thank dog.

Wasn't that a problem in the military? I've heard that religion is pushed pretty hard there.

@AmyTheBruce Of course they push religion. They have to convince people that if they are killed in combat they will be in Heaven with Jesus. Without this BIG LIE they will have trouble filling the ranks with brave soldiers ready to die for God and Country.

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