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What are your thoughts on Faith?

One of my biggest issues with religion is the whole concept of Faith, or in the religious sense, Blind Faith.

Arguments ALWAY loop back to "I just have Faith." I won't even continue arguing the topic because I know at that point that person has abandoned all logic and reason. It's an adult version of putting your fingers in your ears and yelling "La-La-La-La I can't hear you!!"

To believe in something solely for the sake of believing seems insane to me. Especially when their source is ONE BOOK! The insert religious texts here is not proof! Also, Christian Science is an oxymoron, and creationism is just bad science.

What are your thoughts on Faith? How can/do you rationalise it?

KDzo 4 Apr 12

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Faith in the theological sense is an anti-intellectual evil, the veneration of fantasy over fact, the glorification of ignorance and an insult to human progress.
Faith say truth is a lie, reality is deception and thinking is a sin, faith is double think.
I loathe it.


I think faith (aka hope or wishful thinking) is fien in the absence of facts.

However, when a person believes in spite fo the avaialbe facts taht crosses the line out of the rhelms of faith and into the rhelms of willful ignorance. This is the route mos treligions have taken, as facts disprove various parts of what they believe... they stil choose to believe in them despite evidence to the contrary.


I have always asserted the religious faith is a mental illness.
It is based on delusion. Delusion is a symptom of mental illness.


There is no rationalizing faith, it is toxic garbage.


When I get the "faith" argument, I ask the person to please name any other aspect of their lives in which they operate on only faith. When they give me the standard answers, I go into detail explaining why their reasons are not actually faith.

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

Good George Michael song. Blind Faith had a pretty good album. Other than that ... I have faith in the inherent goodness of man. Yes, I'm disappointed daily, but still i remain optimistic.


There is a very fine line between faith and delusion...

So fine I can't see it.


I think that , like many things, it comes from fear. Fear that this life is all we have. Fear that the universe doesn't care about us. Fear of death. Fear makes you do(and believe) stupid things.


As near as I can tell, I was born without a shread of faith. Is the sun coming up tomorrow? We shall see. I've always been puzzled by other people's faith. I once friended a woman that believed in fiber & juicing. Angels, aliens. Krishna, Jesus, Buddah, vitaman C and collidal silver solution. I did figure out pretty quick that she was nuts, but she was more fun than an entire bushel basket of Baptists. I'm not here for a long time, but I am here for a good time.

And I hope we meet 'the next time'.


I do take some things on faith in my life, like having faith the pilot of the plane is not drunk or high on drugs. I trust the system if it has proven itself over time. But for really important things I would not be content to go on faith alone with no past evidence to base it on.
The example I use with Theists is would you be content to just believe and take on faith that a gun your child finds is not loaded? Or would you immediately need to find good evidence and proof to KNOW the gun is not loaded to have the truth? When you have the proof to KNOW, then you can happily throw redundant faith and belief out the window as not good enough.
Buit relgions is not based on proof or common sense, but on satisfying deep emotional and psychological needs of fearful, supersitious, and gullible people. Sadly that includes the majority of people on Earth.

Mmm, that brings up the question of Faith vs Confidence...

I would say that you are confident that the pilot is not drunk or on drugs because you have an understanding that such an act is against the law.

Faith would be asking a stranger to watch your wallet and believing they will not steal it. In this case you have no evidence to assume that they are trustworthy because you don't know them.

The way I see it, Confidence would come from past knowledge (external), whereas Faith would come from a gut feeling (internal).
Rationality brings confidence, intuition brings faith.

But I do agree with everything else you said

@KDzo All the words, belief, faith, conviction, trust, and confidence are defined much the same and are practically interchangeable synonyms. I have trust and faith and confidence that a stranger would not take my wallet, but that is only here in Canada, not Mexico or the U.S. 🙂 I have more or less done that a few times in my Life to watch my things for a few minutes until I got back. Just a good friendly look in the eye is often enough to be able to base the judgment on, but there is no guarantee. Besides the religious meaning for faith, the standard meaning just says having trust and confidence, so no requiring it to be from emotional gut feelings, or from evidence either. But I accept that in your own experience the faith one might come from a feeling more than a mind decision based on past experience.


Faith is what people say when they know their belief system doesn’t pass a rational thinking system. I went to a Lutheran grade school and a day never went by when I didn’t hear that word a dozen times. It’s anti intellectual gibberish and a big reason I became an Atheist. I’m wired to discussions based on reason and facts.


Its a way of kind of believing without actually saying so.


You left out Intelligent Design.

JimG Level 8 Apr 12, 2018

So did God ? lol

@KDzo 😀

No such thing as Intelligent Design.


I do not. I permit others to have faith and see no value in challenging it.

I sometimes say “I have faith in one‘s ability to do X” when I really mean I have confidence. but in my case “faith” has an extra element of humor in it when I use it because it implies there is a supernatural element in my confidence. im a technologist, I work with highly complex over engineered systems that I am frequently surprised work at all, so I think it‘s funny.


I always think of this quote:


Faith and belief are certainly the most dangerous cognitive traps . There is nothing more dangerous than a man or women of Faith.
It’s an antisocial mental illness that refuses evidence based thinking in favor of prejudice and dogma.
Doubt ! Doubt everything and demand evidence , and even when the evidence is useful continue to question.
That’s us at our best!
That’s what drives our creative and inventive capacity .


It's a matter of defining our words, isn't it? We make a distinction between religious faith, which means believing things for which there is no evidence, or the evidence is contrary, and the faith we use in normal life, which is the equivalent of having confidence in something or someone, because we have good reasons for it.


Your first sentence sums it up. I have faith that my wife won't cheat on me. I have that faith because I know her very well, and after 30+ years of marriage she has not yet cheated on me. Therefore the faith is based on much experience. Religious faith is based on nothing except maybe hearsay, and is therefore blind faith, i.e. without basis.


Depends on where the needle vsits on my gas gauge and if I know where I'm at. Faith needs hope, hope doesn't need faith.


I have faith in my driving ability, my electrical repairs but not my plumbing skills, mostly in the airliners I ride in and in my kids. Some Sky fairy? Nawwww...


I say the exact same thing


Same as yours.


I have no faith in religious faith but I have faith in myself, in my family, in my doctor, in the man who services my car and in the many friends I am lucky enough to have.

Athos Level 5 Apr 27, 2018

Faith, she's a nice girl but I haven't seen her recently.

Athos Level 5 Apr 27, 2018

Well I guess it would be nice...If I could touch your body, I know not everybody, has got a body like You o oooooo...Baaaby

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