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Star Trek or Star Wars

Lots of other really great sci-fi out there but thought this is a fun question.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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Figor888 3 Dec 14

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The Expanse




I liked the first two Star Wars (4&5). I liked most of the third (6), but the ending sucked. Star Wars 1, 2, and 3 were all bad movies. I like the newer ones. My favorite Star Trek TV series was Deep Space Nine, then the original series and Next Generation, and then Voyager. I enjoyed most of the Star trek movies.


Love Star Wars! I have the phone app so I can't put some of my Star Wars memes in one comment 😂






I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I am writing a story about the future in which the characters come from a number of different worlds and galaxies. It is hard to come up with something that has not been thought of yet. So one thing I think I like about the Star Wars characters is that they seem to be more alien. I mean they seem to be more in step with different worlds and different ways of having evolved from those worlds. In Star Trek the alien creatures seem to all be of human form, they do give a reason for this in that the Galaxy was seeded by a people long ago that put their own DNA into the structure of worlds they thought would survive and grow. I would like to hear if there are any thought on this.

I think one of the harder things about aliens is relatability. We as humans can generally relate to how another human thinks even if we disagree with that thought process. But an alien species or another sentient species could have different brain structures and think in a manner a human would have difficulty relating too. I think David Brin in his Uplift series did a pretty job with this theme. To me a truly alien race would be sentient computers, even the Borg had a biological Queen hive mind, but what if there were no biological components? What if they evolved beyond their creator's original programming?


As much as I like Star Wars, Star Trek wins because of Patrick Stewart and his memes.

Those are awesome!

@Figor888 thanks.


Being a Jedi...even though the mythology has been going downhill since Disney.


I don't see a question.

Poll question I guess? Lol.

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