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What's the funniest compliment you received?

"You are a "seenager," a man on Fitness Singles wrote in a message yesterday. "Senior in age, body of a teenager." Laughed about this all day.

Here's another one:

Ten years ago, my doctor made me gain ten lbs. in case I got sick. It took a year.

"Why, Kathleen, you finally filled out!" my ex-husband exclaimed.

"There's a compliment in there somewhere, Terry," I replied dryly and laughed. Promptly returned to my fighting weight.

LiterateHiker 9 Dec 14

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Today I got a funny compliment from a 42-year-old man:

"I'm attracted to smart and confident women especially cuz I'm quite the opposite.
Plus your hot 💯."

I'm 67.


I got one similar to "seenager." A coworker from an Asian country exclaimed "You look like young boy!" upon seeing me in a baselayer shirt after bicycling to work. Felt pretty good at age 61.


You look great just the way you are
My mother took one look at me a few years ago and said, “you look ... prosperous.” I took some offense to that.

I have had people say many times I don’t look my age (71)


Thanks for saying, "You look great just the way you are."


I was at a Christmas festival of lights open house were people paid money to a charity for the right to visit about 10 different homes over a three hour period and was one of the volunteers stationed thru out the house and this very attractive lady whom i had only know for a short while came up to me ,I was in a real nice suit and tie and said to me " You really clean up well " loved that compliment


You want to know who was a senior in age and REALLY had the body of a teenager?

Ed Gein.

I don’t know whether to laugh or groan


"You sure got some breeding hips on you. "

"Ummmm... I'm 12."

"Well, I'm just saying it like it is. "


That I don’t have to worry about being mugged because I look “so mean”. Funny cause I’m such a softy and super passive, guess it’s the Cherokee in me


While vying for an upcoming project , my boss told me I was perfect for it because I “always think outside the box”.

I’ve been looking for the damn box ever since....

Hope you really do find it some day 🙂


“You’re the funkiest white guy I’ve ever met”


A woman I used to be friends with once told me, "You're a bald, muscley beast. You'd probably score if that did it for me." It's sort of a compliment.

But I never scored with her. 😟

Well at least she was honest and up front

@RoyMillar I agree. We continued to hang out for several more months until she found a new boyfriend then she kinda disappeared.

@Sgt_Spanky She was an experince and part of your learning curve in life ,People come and go like that ,what memories are made of


I Love How You Don't Care How You Come Across.

You're So Charming When You Make An Effort

I Wish I Didn't Have Any Responsibilities Like You

You're not like my old boyfriend

You look great for your age.

I love how you just don't care what you look like

You carry your weight well


Said by my picky daughter “mom, I know dad is a better cook than you, but I like what you make better.”

Um, thanks?


They thought it was a compliment, I still do not. I was constantly told how "plain" I was growing up and how it was a good thing that I enjoyed a hamburger and fries because "guys like a cheap date". Parents....there's a reason I live three states away and rarely visit.

That’s horrible!


That's cruel.

Hurtful jabs from parents damage our self-image. We never forget it.

@LiterateHiker as I said, there's a reason why I live three states away and rarely visit. This was the norm in my home as a kid. I made certain not to repeat it with my own children. My brother did the same as I did. At least we broke the cycle.

@LiterateHiker Yes this is certainly true,it gets ingrained into us and very hard to shake off

Three states is hardly far enough for me, how many states is California from Alabama?
How many centuries?

@Willow_Wisp It's a 8-10 hr drive. That's close enough to get there in a day for emergencies but far enough that she won't attempt it.

@Willow_Wisp Different galaxies.

@LiterateHiker There are a few things I’ll never forget that my mother said to me as well


"Hello, I'm an amateur astronaut and I'd love to explore Uranus."

At least I think it was supposed to be a compliment... maybe.


Not exactly a compliment but notice. On a camping trip to the Smokies with a youth group from Chicagoland, we were hiking by a church and drawn in when we heard singing. (We had some good singers in our secular group.) We got to talking with the pastor, who asked, rather oddly we thought at first, "Who is the oddest of your group?" My friends told me later that they immediately thought of me.

Upon clarification, we learned the pastor was actually saying "Who is the artist of the group?" - in his Northeastern accent.


We were choosing sides in basketball and one of the captains picked me," I want that Frankenstein lookin' motherfucker"


It was actually intended as an insult

In 2016 I used to go to a cigar lounge a few miles from my home. There was a regular crew of guys that came by, and we all got along well despite a few of them being Trump supporters. There was also a newish, non-regular guy. He was interesting in that he was uncommonly bright, and could converse thoughtfully across a range of subjects. He'd done some low-level military intelligence work. Initially, he was interesting and pleasant to speak with.

As I got to know him though, it became apparent that he was the most vile, awful, racist, religiously intolerant, bigoted trump-supporter you can imagine. He just covered it in a veneer of intelligence.

One Friday night, with a near capacity of about 15 guys in the lounge, he went on some non-sensical trump supporting monologue. I listened, and then de-constructed his argument and made him look, frankly, kind of foolish as I'd caught him in what with even a bit of analysis was a self-contradicting logic trap. He was furious. At the time it wasn't funny, it was one of the man-confrontation situations where the tenor of the discussion changes and the tension in the room moves up ASAP.

So, very upset, he looks at me and says words to the effect: " Mitch, you are just a fucking intellectual and over-think everything." It was said in the most hostile way possible.

So I went Stoic on him.

Understand, there was high tension in the room.I slowly, very slowly, took a drag off of my cigar, savored the flavor, and then puffed out the smoke. The entire room was locked on me, waiting. I replied, with my best man-stare: "Scott, thank you. I have clearly upset you by deconstructing and pointing out the poor logic, weak thinking, and racism of your argument. But instead of pointing out one of my many, many flaws, you have chosen to compliment me on one of my best attributes. Thank you."

He turned even redder, but was absolutely tongue-tied with no idea what to say.

The tension quickly left the room. We ignored each other for the balance of the evening.

Intellectual. I'll take it.


Well done!

Love how you thanked him for complimenting your intelligence. Perfect.

That is amazing and definitely a smart and thoughtful response. I will keep that in the back of my mind. I know for myself and probably others, depending on who we are dealing with its easy to fire back in kind. I am trying to get better at cutting through the emotion of what is said and zero in on the actual point. So when you have all those positions covered and know your view well, its easy to come back with the reply that shuts them up. Well done!

To build on what you said here's something from Stoicism that is useful to learn, internalize, and apply:

No one can insult you. The insult, as it were, comes from inside your head. The words from the other person mean only what you choose to allow them to. Yes, we will all flash some anger, but by recalling this, you will stay calm, and in most cases, realize you are dealing with a person of sub-normal capability in EQ, if not IQ as well. There is no better way to "get over" someone than to make them realize that what they are saying means nothing to you; it doesn't even rise to the level where it deserves a response. Apathy is far, far more powerful than anger.

Good luck.


An old boyfriend told me my eyes were “like two limpid pools of Whitbread”....a brand of British beer, and his favourite tipple!


I can't think of a single thing.


Lucky you to have the body of a teenager and the wisdom of a senior. In my case being called a "seenager" would mean a senior (in body and mind) who is free to act like a teenager, at least this year, since I'm not working. I'm having all the fun now that I missed in my youth, without many responsibilities, kind of like one endless summer.

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