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LINK We Need to Stop Calling Armed Rightwing Groups 'Militias' | Time

Over the last month, ever since the indictment of 13 men for plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan, the word “militia” has appeared in thousands of newspaper headlines and TV news reports. The Detroit News: “Feds Say They Thwarted Militia Plot to Kidnap Whitmer.” NPR: “FBI Says Militia Plotted To Kidnap Michigan Governor.” ABC-12: “Militia Members Accused in Whitmer Kidnapping Face Life in Prison.” But all of these headlines are wrong, and almost every instance of the use of the word militia by journalists—as well as politicians and even law enforcement—has been wrong. Why? Because there is no such thing as a legal private paramilitary militia.

snytiger6 9 Dec 15

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They are insurrectionist breeding grounds.


It all sounds like domestic terrorism!!!

Seditious terrorism!!!


Targets would be a better name


I agree, and why do they call womens prisons penal colonies?


If these were people of color they would be called terrorists, which is exactly what these white supremacist groups are, and what the Canadian government has designated them to be. Canada is the greatest country in North America and it ain't even a close contest. They take care of their people and don't get in these totally unnecessary wars we get involved in with no end game.

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