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LINK George Pell: Trump is a barbarian, but 'in some important ways' he's our barbarian | George Pell | The Guardian

Just when you think you can't despise anyone more than is possible, this Australian Catholic douchbag asshole manages to show that you can. Highlights are that Trump is a Christian Barbarian, and that's ok because he puts catholic reactionaries on the US Supreme Court, and other good christiany things like that. He's not sure that Trump respects democracy, but hey you can't have everything, right?

Truth is, he's probably just saying what a lot of 'good Christians' think.

They jailed him, but then let him out. Will karma ever catch up with this right wing catholic creep? Probably not. I don't believe in karma anyway.

David1955 8 Dec 16

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Much like Hitler was Germany's barbarian?

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