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Stellan Skarsgård on religion (subtitled)

Somnium 6 Dec 18

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Brilliant! And I love how un-rehersed he was, just clearly responding in the moment with perfectly reasonable answers to the interviewer's dumb-ass pro-religion questions.


I always worry when I hear people whose work I admire speaking on topics as sometimes they are complete crackpots and then I lose respect for them. He is pretty awesome and tells it as he sees it.


Best response ever to that ever common line of questioning believers pose to non-believers concerning life's mysteries: He doesn't wish to reduce the mystery of it all to something so petty. PURE FUCKING GOLD!!!!!


Nailed it

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 19, 2020

You’ve got to love this guy...not only is he a great actor, but he says it exactly as it is. The Abrahamic Religions are all relatively modern (in the context of the age of the world), and are confidence tricks which rob humans of critical thought and personal responsibility. Religion, as he says, is in the main a complete accident of birth, depending entirely on location and ethnicity of one’s parents. I take my hat off to Skarsgard for taking this stance on what is one of the most popular TV Chat Shows in Sweden, “Skavlan”. He will find plenty of support anyway, because the Scandinavian countries have amongst the highest proportion of non-believers (atheists/agnostics) per capita, anywhere in the world.

Thank you so much for posting this admiration for the Nordic countries is well known on this site, they seem to breed a more intelligent class of politician, artiste and celebrity than other parts of the world. I think it must be due to something in the Viking genes.

..."confidence tricks which rob humans of critical thought and personal responsibility"...I like that.

@Rossy92 I rather liked it myself! 😁

@Marionville And I care not much whether nor from whence it may have been lifted. You had the good sense to make use of it, and the more that we non-believers can acquire the most compelling manner of communicating our outlook, the better for all.

@Rossy92 As far as I know it wasn’t lifted from anywhere...but I may have subliminally heard or read it, or some similar words, at one time or another.

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