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Secular "Values Voters"-

BirdMan1 8 Dec 21

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A pretty good article with lots of good info, but I’m not sure about the whole concept of “values,” which often are more like beliefs untethered to our ever-changing realities. I vote according to my interests and ethics.


Encouraging article.

When "values voters" was first coined to refer to religious voters, the implication that values were somehow unique to them was utterly ridiculous. There are values and there are values.


I think people underestimate the power of indoctrination. People will self-harm because of religion and actually feel better about themselves. It can be hard to shake a pattern of self-rejection.


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The rise of the "nones" will only happen when people stop mixing religion and politics.

Apparently it is going, even as we write, and may further the end of that mixing.


And we are a growing trend all over the world, hurray.

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