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LINK Trump Pardons 15 Political Allies, Four War Criminals Three Corrupt Republican Congressman

All politically motivated and all abuse of powers. Trump pardons Papadapolous and Alex van der Zwaan, both convicted minor rolls in Mueller probe. Four men who murdered Iraqi civilians and corrupt GOP congressmen. Duncan Hunter R/CA, Chris Collins R/NY and Steve Stockman R/TX convicted for campaign theft, bribery and stock fraud. Trump's not done yet.

barjoe 9 Dec 22

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These people should all spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders. Just like escaped Nazis.


Not surprised at all and don't look now, but more abusive pardons will be coming in the next few weeks. This is just the beginning.


More news on tRump's pardons.




On the first day of Solstice The Asshole gave to me, 15 corrupt toadies, 4 genocidal dickheads, three Criminal Congressmen...just wait till we get to Christmas! Oh the putrid presents under the tree!


I wonder--is it possible to loathe him more?

I will tell you that swimming in loathing, not that he does not deserve loathing, but, obviously you already do, is of no use to you, or anyone. He is lower than whale shit, and knows no bottom, which will become ever more evident as time goes on. Accept that he has no bottom, and sit back. Breathe deeply, if need be.

@BirdMan1 and his trumpsters have absolutely no issues with anything he does. One expects amoral/immoral individuals to do evil deeds but I am so dumbfounded that so many have no issues with his dastardly deeds

@jlynn37 I understand. It's the willful blindness, I expect. Some tell themselves ,and have told me, that it's all about his supposed "business acumen," or "I like what he's done for the country," ignoring how he's hollowed out the very institutions that made the country great, in the first place, or "I'm not greedy, but watch your 401k." It seems that many find their one issue to love, and ignore everything else.


He has ready proven he likes war criminals.


I'm not surprised; he has a use for these criminals.

Keeps them from being flipped against Trump by prosecutors.

@barjoe only if they commit perjury. They lose their 5th amendment rights.

@barjoe []

@Larimar Thank you for that link. I didn't know that. The Blackwater killers really gauls me as does Duncan Hunter who along with his wife used all his campaign funds for personal expenses. Chris Collins made an illegal stock trade on his cell phone from inside the White House. Steve Stockman stole millions in campaign funds, committed espionage against a political opponent. These are felonies!

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