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Working on carving some Celtic love spoons

Pneumike 3 Nov 28

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I like it! I'm a hobby woodworker, and ha tried a little carving. I am actually what they call a maker nowadays. I've worked in different materials, and always like seeing other's work.

I’m a Maker!


Wow. Looks amazing


Sweet. I make all kinds of stuff.

I am in the middle of hafting some blades. I harvested some ancient juniper, and am inlaying some stone in it. Your carvings give me ideas. 🙂

I’ve made two spoons. One was double ended. Out of cherry firewood. 😉

What else do you make? I’d love to talk. I make jewelry, knives, leather stuff (mostly hats and other period pieces for cosplay and SCA), books (though I’m just learning binding), work stone, fiber craft, and much more.

I wish we could share pics in comments.

I'm an artist I can make anything.


I had to look up Celtic Love Spoons, but I'm at Starbucks doing some writing, and so I shrank the browser since I wasn't sure what I was going to get.

But the history of the spoon was fascinating.

I love the tangents I go on when researchng. 🙂

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