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What Donald Trump incited his followers to do on Wednesday cannot be allowed to stand.

However he is the most powerful man on Earth and simultaneously one of the most unhinged people on the planet. He also has a hypervendictive personality. Therefor it is very understandable why Nancy Pelosi is reluctant to dive headfirst into the obvious remedy of impeachment and removal.

Instead, Pelosi has tried to opt for the much safer course of action, having Mike Pence and the Department Secretaries invoke the 25th Amendment. That could be done in a matter of minutes in one meeting, and would strip Trump of his power before he had time to react.

Pence is not even returning Pelosi's phone calls on this, which is leaving her in a bit of a bind. I have proposed an answer to her situation.

There is no law, only a very questionable DoJ opinion letter, that says a sitting President cannot be arrested. The FBI needs to get a Federal Judge (not hard to find one in DC) to sign an arrest warrant, and take Trump into custody immediately. Let him challenge that in the Supreme Court.

In the mean time, he can be impeached while locked safely in a cell.

I have discussed this with an aide for my Congressional Representative. He said it was the best solution he has heard yet and that he would pass it on. I asked him to see that it gets to FBI Director Wray.

mcgeo52 8 Jan 8

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Thanks for that. He should have been arrested after Lafayette Park.


Many Trump voters will swear they voted for Biden, just like the 2016 polls. Now that we have a human being in the White House and a vaccine waiting in the wings, that's Biden's most important job in 2021. Mobilizing the Vax and making it available. I think most people will take it. Those who refuse will bring about herd immunity by getting infected, many will die. Ramping up the vaccine, cybersecurity, and shoring up the military and DOJ on his side. Janet Yellin better get the right people in the Secret Service. There going to be some traitors to weed out. He can do it. He must. I'm hopeful.

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