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LINK Clarence Thomas’ Wife Cheered On White Supremacists At The Capitol | NewsOne

Social media users think Justice Thomas should be impeached over his wife's failure to censure herself after continually sharing far-right extremist conspiracy theories on Facebook.

Reckonings continue inside the Beltway as public figures continue to be exposed for their blatant complicity regarding the violent mob who attacked Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

The latest is that of Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who on Jan. 6 posted two disparaging posts on Facebook aligning with the baseless claims to overturn the outcome of the election, while sending support to the majority white, violent mob that attacked the Capitol.

snytiger6 9 Jan 12

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Lowlife in high places.


She's a true fascist as is her husband. The worst guy on the court.

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