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Man accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer, says god gave him permission to kill


creative51 8 Jan 13

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Thou shalt not kill but applications in writing can be madefor a licence. Please note ,don’t say I answered you in my prayers


What an absolutely evil man!!


what a pos!!!


That's little schizophrenic, isn't it?


Typical trumper


I feel like they emptied all the stated psychiatric hospitals of the criminally insane patients to gather Trumps base that does this crazy stuff.

Exactly. They'll need every butterfy net and every cop/national guardsman/FBI agent, and psychiatrist/deprogrammer they can muster... let's have a Woodstock for law enforcement in D.C. next week. With music from Dylan (oh that's right he sold out) and Pete Seeger...or that's right, he's dead. Well SOMEONE'S gotta sing, Where Have All the Flowers Gone...


Well in THAT case...

Gee, maybe they should let him off, I mean he is on a mission from god!

@creative51 Yeah and so.e thought or was it ztru.p himself that he was like Jesus

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