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Does tomorrow go off without a hitch?

(Had to edit because there is a character limit on polls.)

Will there be any domestic terrorism tomorrow?

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ChestRockfield 8 Jan 19

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My guess (just a guess, not based on any actual evidence,) is a 20% chance that everything goes smoothly, a 75% chance that there are violent demonstrations in more distant locations...and a 5% chance that the Capitol dome is demolished by explosives planted earlier.

Not a bad guess. Most of those dudes were dumb as fuck though. (Did you see the video with Ted Cruz's binder?) It's hard to imagine they'd be able to pull off hiding an explosive the dogs and bomb squad couldn't find.

@JeffMurray hopefully, you're right. But I am wary of underestimating them.

I also haven't dismissed the idea that they may have operatives on the inside.

@AmyTheBruce That's definitely a possibility, there have already been 12 so far that they didn't trust enough to be on the detail. We're going to have to issue reminders to our troops who they serve and vet them for certain details? Our democracy is toast.


I don't believe they will get anywhere near the inauguration, but who knows what will happen elsewhere in the country. I think as many people they have identified inside the Capitol, over 300 so far, many losing their jobs and being arrested; I am expecting many will not be quite so bold. We will see.


I think that there will still be disturbances. On a smaller scale and squashed down quickly. The smarter ones are waiting until things quit down.


I'm not worried about the masses. I am of the same opinion as you, that Trump bravado comes from being in the majority, having the power, and being unopposed.

I am however worried about singular crazy individuals...

Did you see they already removed 12 National Guard troops that were originally assigned to the inauguration? That's fucked.

I'm not sure what 12 troopers would have done that 24,988 troopers couldn't stop them from doing but it does send a strong message that you can either serve your country or serve your politics but not both.

@TheMiddleWay Depends where they're standing...

But that wasn't my point. It's just the fact that the Joint Chiefs felt they needed to write that letter reminding servicemen of their duty to the Constitution and that the FBI needed to vet them. This is fucked up shit that shouldn't be happening in a healthy democracy.


Many Trump supporters from December aren't Trump supporters after January 6th because they saw how many domestic terrorist they were associated with, and many including some that I work with are just now discovering that there was NO voter fraud of any consequence and what was found was typically perpetrated by Trump supporters not actual Americans.

"Many" may be a stretch. Dude incited a fuckin' domestic terror attack on the Capitol and only dropped to a 29% approval rating. Nothing will convince me his base won't always love him. I think the truest thing that bag of shit ever said was about shooting someone on 5th Avenue and not losing any voters.

It's almost comical how many of them are shocked to be thought of as terrorists and seditionists.


Since everything was supposed to start on Sunday....

1of5 Level 8 Jan 19, 2021

I was thinking the same thing.


More options would be better

What options would you like?

@JeffMurray How about Yes or No?

Careful. Changing the poll in any way deletes previous responses

@barjoe Yes and No are already up there...

@TheMiddleWay Thank you. Seems like that would be obvious, but I don't know that I would have thought about it before hitting 'edit'.

@JeffMurray I agree with your first statement of the tRumpies and the standing military. I am actually seeing some in a slightly altered light - they are truly fucking idiots who allowed themselves to be brainwashed similar to religious cults. Yes, they are still racist twits all, just some have now had a little sense knocked into their thick ass skulls. That said, I have NO pity and want them ALL locked up.

@Beowulfsfriend Oh, me too. Ignorance (nor brainwashing) of the law does not excuse. I think the potential sentences they are facing are a fucking joke. I literally thought if you were part of a domestic terror attack against the United States government in the commission of an attempted coup that you would get shot dead on sight, or, at minimum, face life or execution. I would have bet everything I owned in the world no one would have served less than a year for something like that, but it looks like a lot will.

@JeffMurray Editorial comment. Subjective poll

@barjoe Are you suggesting those reasons won't be 99% of the reason why those that don't show up don't show up and those that do, do?
With the exception of the ones that are in custody, I can't see legitimate significantly different alternate reasons. And it's not like there are intermediate reasons that the editorial will shunt votes to. Anyone that thinks that something won't happen would have to vote for the only option that includes that and anyone who thinks something will would have to for for the other. People who don't like the editorial aspect can be sticks in the mud and abstain from voting. 😝

@JeffMurray I'm not suggesting anything. You can write whatever you want. They're wife beater questions. A simple yes or no is a valid poll.

@barjoe It was meant to be funny. Polls on this site are pretty useless.

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