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Ole' Dave1955 now blocks.

Joined 4 years ago and never blocked until this week. Didn't believe in it, but new times and new policy. Came within a hair of just leaving for good, but re thought it. This site has too many people who have no serious purpose or just want to stir up trouble. High on my list are people who just want to bait or attack atheism and stir up the agnostic-atheist debate. I didn't join here for that nonsense. I sense from some comments here and there that others are feeling the same way. So, instead of leaving I've chosen to bag the boofheads and focus on good posts and content. Hope others feel the same way.

David1955 8 Jan 19

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I hate blocking because most of the asshats you mention post all over the place & then i get cut out of a lot of interesting stuff...a 2-edged sword at best!

I used to feel the same, but when they target and bait, then it's time for a change. Let me be specific. I blocked DangerDave, who in addition to repeated baiting and badgering, made threats to reveal my identity because I was such an awful 'gnostic atheist' in his deranged mind. I reported and sent a comment to admin, saying is this what this site is now? Threats? No reply, of course. So, time to block.

@David1955 i have used my real name since day one, since after the batterer first hubby died, i have been full of suppressed rage & would like to find an outlet for it...come on down,you fools!

@AnneWimsey good for you!


Yes the best way is to just not engage in any post that will encourage their behaviour


Agreed - that's how I do it!


Yea I have no issue with how anyone identifies.
Today a shit for brains said that since I identify as an atheist I’m as delusional as theist so he became my 200th blocked asshole.
I don’t argue with agnostics.
It’s a stupid thing to bitch at me about.
I don’t even care.

I know, I read the post and his accusation against you. Time to see the last of him and a coterie of agnostics -- not all -- like him.


Of course

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 19, 2021

I've been here almost two years, and I have blocked people -- those who were antagonistic about ideology, and those who were rude. I've blocked consistently, if I felt people would upset me on purpose.

I asked someone's advice about blocking, and was told it's probably best to maintain calm within yourself and with others by blocking.


i feel that is a good choice. was for me. i went about 3 years before i began blocking, but didn't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. works real well.


I'm retired, my days of serious purpose are over.

Which is why I'm here - its one of the least serious, least consequential places to be.

1of5 Level 8 Jan 19, 2021

If this site becomes without worth, full of silliness or fractured groups baiting each other, a mini-me facebook and full of irrelevance, it will be our fault, because we let it become that. This site began with a serious purpose, in my view, and we need to reclaim it.

@David1955 this site recruited heavily from Facebook, so good luck with those lofty aspirations. Your use of the word "becomes" is a misnomer - it never was to begin with. Its a small section of the internet with, at best, a couple hundred active members. It may be personally important to some - I meet my partner here, for instance - but of actual import in anything of consequence? Naw.

But it can be fun, sometimes.

"recruited heavily from Facebook.." ?

That's ambiguous, but I remember the early days when admin indicated the site would not be a clone of that horrible site to which no amount of money or wild horses could ever drag me.

@David1955 yes, they did, and even admitted it. Sorry you missed it.

I remember the glorious vision admin had for this place (this is my second account, 1st joined over 3 years ago) and his utter failure to achieve that dream. Pretty typical in reality.

That "horrible site" thats apparently beyond your pale is, to put it mildly, wildly fucking successful. Admin has quite successfully ensured that this place will never become a clone of it - need another billion or so members for one thing, and maybe a bit more technical expertise....not to mention money.

I remember admins glee when fb went to a more group orientated format and admin crowing about how they were validating his choice to go to a more group orientated format here. Yeah, he doesn't want to be like them at all.

@1of5 well we just have different views on this.

@David1955 vastly.

If you want, go to to see what ideals admin instilled in that place.

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