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How do you get tasks accomplished?

For me, I find that if I'm having trouble focusing on a task (or even just getting started on a task) that putting on some classical music, or sometimes maybe soft rock or acoustic rock, that it helps me at least get started. Also, sometimes taking a short walk helps. What do you do?

iamjc 7 Apr 13

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Try Chopin his work is inspirational. I have Alexa on my echo get the Iheart radio station that specifically plays Chopin.


I have one of those dog collars that zaps me when I stray.

godef Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

Who pushes the button?

@Condor5 Good question, but with those dog collars, you have an underground wire around the perimeter of the yard that'll cause the collar to zap. In my case a little AI is required.


Aren’t you making an assumption? πŸ™‚

skado Level 8 Apr 13, 2018

These days I find it harder to get started on my tasks. Sometimes I write down what I have to do and leave the paper where I can find it. Tonight I replaced a water faucet in a small shower stall. I'm done in about 2 hours and happy with it. Earlier I did a faucet/ shower combo in a bathtub in another room. My friend asked my why they had both went out at once. Nothing went out. They have needed replaced probably for the last 6 years. I'm just slow to get things done.


I'm a list person. I write a list of tasks to accpmplish. Large tasks, like putting in raised bed gardens, get broken into smaller, incremental tasks until the project is complete.

Hateful tasks get a timer. When its something I really don't like doing, I set a timer for 30 minutes & work as fas as i can to get as much done as possible within the 30 minute timeframe. Then i take a break & do a more likeable chore (like tend to chickens, pack eggs, etc) then another 30 minutes on the hateful task.

Folding clothes out the dryer & putting them away instead of a clothes basket saves a lot of time too.


Depends what the job is, I have one that is three years in the works, another will be a year that I work at every day other things I procrastinate for as long as I can.


Just do them, no procrastinating. Sooner things are done, the sooner I have time to do something I want to do, not need to do.


Well, first, I put it off until I can't ignore it anymore. Then I just take a deep breath and make myself do it. I have to work up the will, first.


I start something I really Don't want to do and then get Tons of other stuff done avoiding it!


Music helps me focus too - as long as it has no words or if the words are in a language I don't understand. I find words distracting.


I reclassify them are unnecessary and cross them off the list. That seems to work.

Whatever it takes...


I do one small thing at a time, take small breaks, and do in order of priority.... Most of the time. ?


I just do stuff

I do stuff too but these days I'm slower at it. I've been trying to dust for a week.


I like to have a list, and at the top of the page it will say Do Today, that way i don't have to write one tomorrow. I have another one that says Do what you want today, you're fucking Retired.


I find I've begun to sort of ritualize the tasks I need to do. I do each step very deliberately, carefully and with mindfulness. For me, this works quite well even with the seemingly smallest, least significant things and I can be very focused and make far fewer mistakes. And if I leave my mind open, solutions often come spontaneously, if the task is unfamiliar or something I haven't done for quite awhile. Quiet usually helps too. And if none of that works, I'll just take a nap and sleep until the notion passes.


Oh how we put off big tasks. My thing is too research my idea of what to do, buy the goods and then MAKE THE FIRST CUT. No matter the task, once you begin it is not over until I finish. In woodworking I will spend a few hundred dollars on wood and stain, I do not use plans so it is wing time. I know that once the first piece of wood is cut the project has begun

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 19, 2018

I can tackle just about any task except paperwork and red tape. I loathe it. I will put it off as long as possible. Sometimes I offer myself a reward, such as telling myself to fill out the forms and get them ready to submit, and then I can open that bottle of Reisling chilling in the fridge.

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 14, 2018

Drink more whisky and go to bed. Next morning, hair of the dog, then you're invincible. Self expectations often lead to self-sabotage. Go easy on yourself.


I make a list and try to get each task done one at a time. It is gratifying to mark each task off when I am done. I also like to listen to music while I am working, but I have to watch it if I am doing paperwork, because sometimes I get to singing and then I start typing the lyrics.


Well, I'm add/adhd/infp.... Sometimes music- usually classical (The Modau, Concierto Aranjuez, Beethoven, Grofe) but often I'll pop up a movie or tv show I'm very well acquainted with. My mind wanders very easily. If I have an "anchor" I'm familiar with, I can mentally teather myself to those mental cues and then able to focus on the task I need done. This works ofen, but mostly when I'm stressed about another issue. :-\

MikaB Level 5 Apr 13, 2018

Big projects I tackle until I get them done. For many small jobs I make a list.

ebdb Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

I just make the decision to do it because it needs to be done. Once I get started momentum takes over. That's great that you found tools to help you get started and stick with it.


I use bullet journal to keep tasks organized. Then music to get moving.


I procrastinate until I don't, then get at it. Mosts task I do are no where near where I can play music.


I just do it. I don't really have tasks. I live in a clean room. I'm tidy and organized. As well as OCD.


... why do I feel like there is something I should be doing right now?

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