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LINK When It Comes to the Holocaust, Atheists Know a Lot More Than Christians | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

When It Comes to the Holocaust, Atheists Know a Lot More Than Christians
By Hemant Mehta
January 22, 2020

Here’s the good news: Most Americans accept the reality of the Holocaust. Most Americans can also tell you what the Holocaust was — if not precisely, then something at least close.

And according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center, atheists and agnostics are as knowledgeable about the Holocaust as Jews — and all of those groups know far more than Christians.

snytiger6 9 Jan 22

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Yes, regrettably the Holocaust did occur.
Yes, the Death Toll from " The Final Solution" was terrible and completely inexcusable.
However, and by NO means am I a denier btw, according to my very Good Friend, Ytzaak, a Jew who survived Auschwitz at the tender age of just 10 years old at the time, the estimation of 6.000.000 Murdered Jews may well be an over-estimation when considering that the Nazis branded everyone who was placed in those horrible camps as being the same, i.e. the Untermensch.
And, post the Liberations of these Death Camps, many claimed Jewish heritage/lineage rather than admitting to be of other non-Jewish nationalities, etc, in efforts to gain from the Allies some form/s of recognition, etc, etc. including so form/s of compensations as well.
Though, as told to me by Ytzaak, the Nazis were very strict record keepers they made little or no distinction between Jews and others who were condemned to these 'Slaughter-houses,' they simply tattooed EVERYONE the same upon arrival.
Hence, the Toll may well be either higher or lower in relation to the numbers of actual Jews murdered but we will never truly know for absolute certainty what the Death Toll was EXCEPT that the TOTAL Estimated Death Toll, including Jews, Poles, Czechs, French, Belgians, Russians, etc, etc, is somewhere in the vicinity of 15-15.5 MILLION people, men, women, disabled, mentally ill, etc, etc and children.
And MANY Christians, even to this day, still INSIST that the Jews "got exactly what they deserved since THEY were the Christ Killers."
And, historically speaking here, they ARE 100% incorrect SINCE Jewish Law at the ASSUMED time of the Mythical Execution of the equally Mythical Jesus HAD NO Law that allowed a MAN to be put to Death other than by stoning, hence the Priests of the Temple, according to the Myth, FORCED the Roman Governor, under threat of a Hebrew Uprising, to execute the Mythical Jesus as an Insurgent, Rebel and leading Antagonist in the Plot to usurp the Throne of the Emperor of the Roman Empire.
A threat that, btw, came to fruition later when Caligula smothered Tiberius and became Emperor of Rome, an event that had NOTHING to do what-so-ever with the Hebrews at all.
According to Ytzaak, MANY Jews to this day STILL insist that and deny the existence of Jesus both as the Messiah and the assumed son of God.

Why did you ignore the gays, the Gypsies. the mentally and/or physically handicapped, the Catholics, the press etc etc etc in your "accounting", exactly?

When it comes to the memory of a child, who very likely did not understand everything that was happening all over Europe, I suppose it would be comforting to believe that not as many died as the records showed. It would be very easy to convince oneself that it wasn't possible to kill as many of your people as the Nazi records showed. Not say9ng your friend lied, but I suspect you got a version that was rationalized away from the actual facts.

@AnneWimsey Don't forget the nonwhite people of color. After the Berlin Olympics where an American black man won the gold, there was a lot of retribution.

@AnneWimsey IF I had included everyone, i.e. gays, gypsies, etc, etc, then the post would have way too long for people to want to sit and read it.

@snytiger6 The International Red Cross estimates are where most of my info. came from PLUS what Ytzaak has both told and shown me.
The ESTIMATED Death Toll from WWII of Civilians, soldiers and the Death Camps, etc, etc, at present stands somewhere in range of 30 -45 MILLION comprised of 15 MILLION from (estimated) from the Death Camps and an, at present, unknown number killed in the Blitzkrieg Bombing Raids, Military Invasions by the Nazis, executions of Partisans and their supporters, etc, etc.
There ARE still groups of people out there who are actively trying to locate, etc, MASS graves of Nazi Victims both Civilian and Allied Soldiers, etc, etc.

@snytiger6 Having spent many hours with Ytzaak and Miriam, who was fortunate enough to escape the camps by trekking to Switzerland with her parents and older siblings, reading the records written on scraps of paper and bits of cloth that he kept hidden, the lists of names he wrote down and the absolutely horrific and gut wrenching accounts he has memorized I'd say his recollections, etc, are 100% on the mark.
Ytzaak says he ONLY survived because, like his father, he was an excellent Cobbler and Boot-makers Apprentice AND did NOT look Jewish at all, hence he managed to claim that he was from a family who lived and worked in the Alsatia region of Germany but was of German-French origin and of the Lutheran Church.
As far as Ytzaak is aware his parents died on one of the Forced Marches during 1944, his 2 older brothers were caught and executed (MURDERED) for being Partisan Supporters in Eastern France but no-one as yet knows where their bodies, REMAINS, lie buried or even IF they were ever buried.
In my experiences when a child goes through a VERY traumatic experience those memories never ever fade, the details remain exactly the same no matter how time passes in his/her life.

@Triphid A 2nd cousin of mine, in my parents' generation, was, literally liberated by American troops, including his first cousin. The troops took names of the survivors, and my American cousin (first, once removed) asked this sone fellow, whose last name was hugely like his own, if he had relatives in the U.S. The response was the trooper's father.


And, today, by coincidence, I will finish my second of Viktor Frankl's books, this one called "Yes to Life, in Spite of Everything."
I expect that the Christians think that they already know everything of importance in the universe, and do not read, or research, real stuff. They probably do not know that Christians were marked for death as well as Jews, and others.


Atheists have better knowledge on everything, including christianity, than christians overall.



Not remotely surprising.
Pathetic and sad, but not surprising.

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