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Humanists UK, Atheist Alliance International or National Secular Society?

Hi all,

I have been a member of Humanists UK for three years now, but recently, I started feeling a bit reluctant to continue my subscription.

Lots of spam. I receive letters all the time, about how we need your money for this, how we need your money for that etc. Sending this to a member who's already paying you, seems a bit ott to me. Also, asking for money during a pandemic, when most people struggle to meet even basic needs, feels a bit insensitive to me.

I don't understand why they are so quiet about Zara Kay's case. All the major UK groups have signed petitions and promoted the issue. Humanists UK had only one post about her on Facebook a few weeks ago. Nothing else. When I called them to challenge that, the person on the phone didn't even know who Zara was! Anyway, they promised they are going to do some actions and keep me updated. A week later, nothing has changed... I just wonder, why they promote other apostasy cases so much, with letters, posts, petitions etc., and remain so apathetic towards Zara? Is it because they are not the ones who initiated the actions? I just wonder...

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to ask you if you have any other experiences/ and or recommendations for other atheistic organisations in the UK. The National Secular Society looks pretty good to me. What do you think?

Thank you very much for your replies.

tsallinia 6 Jan 26

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Why do you feel the need to join a 'flock' in the first place?


I belong to no groups. Don't want to either


One the leading atheist - skeptic group is The Brights. []


Apart from meeting like minded people, these groups are usually political in nature. If they fight for humanist and non-believer rights, they usually need cash to do so. For me they should have a proven track record, positive public reputation, and be active. If that’s the case, give them the money.

Of course, like theists, anyone can put a sign on the door and beg for money. To hedge your bet, always vet....


I have no experience with any atheist organisations in the U.K., and although I did flirt with the idea of joining Humanist U.K. at one time, I never did. The National Secular Society may prove to be a better fit for you if you feel the need to join an umbrella group. I’m a lifelong non-believer, but apart from joining this site I’ve never really felt drawn to joining any such organisation.

Thank you very much for your response. The only reason I join secular organisations is because they oppose religious legislation, and support the persecuted for apostasy.

You are right, socially speaking, our fora are good enough.

@tsallinia What Marrion said, ditto.

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