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LINK The History of the Satanic Panic and Its Disturbing Consequences | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

In this disturbing yet informative video, Erin McCarthy of Mental Floss goes through the history of the Satanic Panic, the bizarre conspiracy theory from the 1980s that got completely out of hand and ruined lives in the process. (folow link to view video)

snytiger6 9 Feb 1

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I remember these horrors very well. At the time it all got out of hand in the 1980's I lived in Texas and there was more than reported in this video. The so called "experts" and "social workers" had no real credibility or education in their fields but they were believed at the time. I recall one who was on a radio program claiming he actually witnessed a child sacrifice. His organization got rid of him quickly because he could not back up his lie. It did not stop the panic, however. I can certainly agree with Hemant that the phenomena at work then is much like QAnon is today.


awesome vid, tks 🙂


We are only advanced as far as technology. As humanity we have regressed. Think Salem Witch Trials.

word. interesting imo to note that there was once a literal law of Sin and Death, that we for whatever reason keep trying to reinstate, seems like. We've...superseded the literal Puritans, but the concept lives on i guess huh? I mean God forbid anyone should admit the tiniest mistake lol

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