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I love it when some "conservatives" openly admit that they are racist, misogynistic, conspiracy following neo-patriots and insurrectionists.

BTHT 6 Feb 1

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Pro tip: real patriots don't participate in an Insurrection to overthrow a democratically and lawfully elected government.


How does a post where someone merely asking if anyone else heard about that site automatically equate to something that's racist or misogynistic? The poster didn't say he believed or agreed with anything, he just asked if anyone else heard about the site. This post serves no beneficial or informative purposes, and only seeks to stir up needless drama and cause division among fellow site members.

@BTHT So in other words you don't want to answer my question, what did a simple question have anything directly to do with racism and misogyny? He wanted to ask fellow group members and not everyone on the site, so if you take issue with that I suggest you take that up with the OP then. Throwing a fit with me because I called you out on your bullshit won't get you anywhere, and others will only get to see what a coward you are.


For the cheap seats in the back....IT IS NOT CENSORSHIP TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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