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So, yesterday I posted an interesting news release from my last employer. Kind of disturbing, but inevitable. Today, I received this from the same source. I know that there are many fellow Agnostics here who deride the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). For all my Jungle & Sandbox brothers and sisters who took a few hits like I did while "standing the line"..... The MIC, or at least parts of it are looking out for us. Stay strong.

bigpawbullets 9 Feb 6

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A way to heal the cannon fodder quicker so they can get back out there on patrol in whatever countries we're occupying...

I don't consider the guys I served with, or those serving since then to be "cannon fodder". And yes, the research and development of these medical advancements will most certainly be used to help our recovering wounded. It will also be available to the general public.

@bigpawbullets I'm not saying you saw them as that, or even that the brass saw them as that, but rest assured, most of the pols that support the MIC DO see them that way when they vote for wars of choice like Iraq, for example. There's a big diff between what most pols say in public and what they privately feel about the troops and the rest of us peasants. Of course, in public it's required for pols to praise the troops and pander to them in order to impress voters. Don't put words in my mouth... When you watch what they do, rather than just listening to what they say, it's obvious most pols in DC have nothing but contempt for us peasants and they also do not support the troops once those troops return home from war and are messed up, at least most of the pols don't.....

Tom, you're the one who responded by labeling me and my fellow vets as "cannon fodder". If you're uncomfortable with your label for us, then you might re-think your view of your fellow American citizens.

@bigpawbullets I didn't label you, I stated what the pols think of you. If you can't accept that, deal with it. Quit blaming me or I'll block you. You are taking it personal and being defensive. I am telling it like it is in real politik these days. If you don't like it, get upset with the pols, not me. My view of most of my fellow Americans is pretty negative, I'll admit that, but it's based on reality, whether you like or agree with it or not.

I see we live in two different realities.

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