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LINK Was There a Civilization On Earth Before Humans? - The Atlantic.

Interesting article about how we would find traces of non-human civilizations that may have existed based on sediments and chemical analysis

jperlow 7 Apr 14

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Well, primates came along some millions of years ago, evolving into humans. So, yes.


That is an interesting article that makes a substantive case, at least in my opinion anyway. Thank you for sharing this.




If there were we would have to seriously redefine and reorganize or concepts of the history of this planet..even if there were civilizations before us, I don't think humans are ready and/orable to recognize it yet. We can't take our eyes off our cell phones long enough to 'see' something like that.


So it can be summed up as: "Well, maybe, but probably not, but thinking about it can be useful." There! I just saved all of you from having to read the article. 😉


This is interesting, but there's other evidence that the article didn't mention. I'll just give one example. Things like ornate gold cups, jewelry and mundane household items like flatware have been found embedded in veins of coal. That means that those items were dropped, placed or lost in the plants that became the coal. It takes millions of years for some of those coal beds to form. How did those things get there?

Gods put them there. See, I said it.

That is simple geology, coal dust can get wet, flood as a slime, and then resolidify into viens where it ran down to, with object embedded in it.

Thousands of years later we find it, with no knowledge of some fire and flood from a previous epoch.
Rare, weird, but there it is.

Many of the so-called artifacts have been found to be misinterpretations, frauds, or misunderstandings. [] I haven't seen convincing evidence to justify these claims.

For example, the Ushur Bell was claimed to have been found in coal by a 10 year old boy. Yet none of the coal was saved. Are there images of ornate gold cups found embedded in a coal seam in situ? Given that the plant material is compressed and converted to coal over time - why isn't the embedded object deformed by the same processes?

There are no well documented OOPA's, and the few that have been seen by scientists have been exposed as frauds or misidentifications.


The problem is they are focusing on an INDUSTRILIZED civiliation. We have been industrilized to that degree a scant 200 to 300 years. Not kilo years. Not mega years... years. Which means, to me, that it is not impossible that another civilization existed before us that was not industrilized, that may have lived it's entire time in the stone or metal age. If such a civilization existed, there would be zero trace of it's existence given the geological "churn" that our surface undergoes.

So it's not impossible but neither is there any evidence in support of that idea. As others have said, it's an interesting mental exercies...


neanderthals maybe?
and snytiger6 gives food for thought re: how to define civilization
also, the world was a pretty inhospitable place for a long time...


I think its probably not that simple. I think there have probably been lots of ages of sophisticated beings who have developed civilisations which have probably been wiped out. Its likely they failed to record their history because they believed they would last forever, we all do. Bottle necks in evolution would suggest that there has been a return to less developed technologies which reused and rebuilt over time. It would make sense to me

On earth? Not likely

@jperlow why

It's certainly possible, humans and human civilization appeared in the blink of an eye geologically speaking. There just hasn't any evidence found for it yet.

@Druvius but bits of incredibly sophisticated technologies have been discovered. Why not even older ones. This idea of linear development and evolution just seems to be too simplistic for me

@Amisja Well, yes, the Antikythera mechanism proved that there is lost human knowledge. The question is were there any prehuman beings that developed technology and civilization. Maybe, it can't be ruled out, there just isn't evidence for them.


An interesting exercise. Despite the claims of the title, the article itself states:

(The authors) don’t believe the Earth once hosted a 50-million-year-old Paleocene civilization. But by asking if we could “see” truly ancient industrial civilizations, we were forced to ask about the generic kinds of impacts any civilization might have on a planet.

But isn't it fun to think of Silurians in our past?


It might depend on howyou define "civilization". Are bee, ant or termite colonies a civilization? I think by soem definitions they could be considered so. However, they woudl leave little, if anything for archeologists to discover.

@fathercat Yeah, I agree. Just because we are capable of rational thought, does not mean that people choose to think rationally.


I don't think any evidence, facts or data has ever been found to support this.

It isn’t so much to support such a theory, but it shows what would be needed to determine if there had ever been intelligent life on say, mars, or any other planet.

Not yet, and seems unlikely it will. But an interesting exercise and speculation about what sort of geological evidence we could expect to find if such did ever exist.

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