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LINK In acquitting Trump, Republicans formalize their embrace of American fascism

Hunter gets it. The full IT. I just giggle at those talking about "A future tyrant who's better than..." 45 will come along. All that tyrant has to do is win the election (and it doesn't matter if (s)he runs on being a fascist. In fact, they could run professing the ideas of Ben Sasse and turn in office. Power has that affect). From the article:

By evading the question before them, Trump's Republican allies have established the toppling of democratic government and the nullification of American elections as, along with using elected office as profit center and extorting an at-war foreign nation into falsely smearing an election opponent, political tools allowed to those that would pursue political power. Demanding the nullification of an election may be unseemly, when done by movement leaders. But it is allowed. It will be backed by Republican lawmakers, and those same Republican lawmakers will brush aside whatever consequences the attempter may face if the attempt ends in failure.

rainmanjr 7 Feb 14

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I feel that Trump, as potus, was able to utilize a fascist system that was already in place. It's the system that is fascist rather than a singular person or party.
The system is still there, and unless Biden's admin seeks to control current unaccountable arms of government such as CIA, Homeland security and the elephant in the room, the Pentagon, then they are also supporting this system of government.
Americans here; How many of you know how many countries your military is currently active in with either troops or drone strikes? What countries are being sanctioned? This is the problem.


Fortunately for the rest of us, the pro-authoritarian voters are a minority, and currently a shrinking one. But of course we will have to stay vigilent and broadly invested in voting. Lets hope the Biden admin can correct some of the lopsided, undemocratic structures that the GOP have built up to their unfair advantage. It won't be easy. Even the Constitutional structure hobbles true democracy, a founding fatheres nod to slavery. 😒


Demographics predict increasingly small percentage of white supporters. This is now an overt message from Republicans as justification to enact voter suppression. Indeed, Trump shifted the GOP several notches to the right, decreasing appeal to the independents. If power is all that matters, junking Democracy is OK with them. Trump and his minions disparaged the ideals of Americanism in their actions. Will this become known well enough to stop them?

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