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Do you guys prefer to see love for your partner as mere chemical reactions based on subjective attractive factors or as something more complex?

naughtyxavi 4 Nov 29

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I accept both. It is fact that emotions are chemical reactions. Large amounts of chocolate produces the same chemical as love. So what .doesn't make it less real. When you are excited as hell about the person you have been seeing recently and things are going great the first intimate night is chemical reaction perfected. Imagine the world addicted if science could replicate that. I don't care if it is chemical it is also special. Some nights on stage jammin, improvising with some quality musicians sometimes becomes transcendent. I know it is guitar bass and drums but it becomes more when things are going just right. That may be a chemical reaction I don't care It is special.


I believe it’s more complex, but still literally about chemical reactions.

Everything we do produces chemical reactions. Every decision we make is based on them and causes them. Round and round we go.


:: chuckles :: I'm with @silvereyes on this. Apparently I prefer the illusion, and that is why I am chuckling. Obviously, it can only be a series of chemical reactions, but I prefer not to know too much for fear of disrupting the experience. I'm glad to hear from @AMGT and @VictoriaNotes that no such disruption has occurred for them. I take comfort in that and may one day investigate further. But honestly I have so many intellectual obligations to pursue that I may never get to the point of poking around in something that at the moment I think I'd rather not know.


I believe everything we experience is in the "milieu" of brain chemistry. And it is complex in and of itself. I have a tendency towards depression, even if circumstances are favourable. But if I keep up with my magic pills, I'm a really happy guy. So I obviously require some kind of chemical balancing to filter and interpret my world in a positive way.

So yes, I do see love for my partner as a brain chemical function. There is no evidence that we are more than just our brains, as hard as Dr. Wilder Penfield tried... he's a famous neurosurgeon (Canadian I might add) who was hoping to find deeper answers my mapping the functions of various sections of the brain. All he discovered is that it's a machine. Albeit a very complex one.


I love that question. As a human I certainly do hope that love would be something more complex than a series of chemical reactions. Perhaps that's why I choose to be an agnostic as opposed to an all-out atheist. Another question would be -will we be able to find a scientific reason that would explain a person's style and preference? Such as why does person A like one color better than person B? What mechanism causes us to feel passion when we hear a beautiful symphony? What chemical reaction or specific mechanism causes one to write deep and meaningful poetry? Or be moved by a lovely sun rise?

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