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LINK Widow of Slain Atheist Avijit Roy Says Executing His Killers Won’t “Bring Peace” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Five men were sentenced to death today in Bangladesh for the murder of Dr. Avijit Roy, the atheist author who was hacked to death in February of 2015 as he and his wife were returning home from a book fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (She survived.) That murder was the first in a series of attacks against people who criticized religion or assisted with the publication of such material.

Today’s ruling comes one week after eight other men were sentenced to death for killing the publisher of atheist books.

In the case of Roy, six men had been charged with the crime. The only one not given the death penalty will spend life in prison:

snytiger6 9 Feb 16

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On the other hand, they won't be killing anyone else ever again, and maybe serve as a deterrent to someone,somewhere


I agree with her totally, we NEED less Martyrs and executing those deranged Scum WILL only make them Martyrs and Role Models for their Islamic ilk imo.
Instead condemn them to Life Imprisonment, For Terms of Their Natural Lives, Total Isolation from ALL others and ALL religious Practices, etc, NO visitors what so ever, NO further publicity other than Naming and Shaming and when they die NO Burial Rites, No Grave Markers and erase ALL evidence that EVER existed.

Cremate them and dispose of their ashes in an unknown location. That’s what they did with some Nazi war criminals.

@CuddyCruiser According to records from the Nuremburgh Trails the remains of Convicted and Executed Nazis were NOT cremated but were buried instead.
Some requested burial at Sea, some were returned to their surviving families, others were buried in unmarked graves and others buried in Paupers graves.
Since ALL of them CLAIMED to be either Catholics or Lutherans they insisted that their bodies remain intact to await the Resurrection.


It should bring peace to other atheists who are still alive and want to stay that way.

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