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What is your atheist anthem? (Music)

What is a song that promotes or brings to light being an atheist, agnostic, secularist, free-thinker, humanist, etc?

By joeymf867
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Hicks66 Level 7 Apr 14, 2018

Finally! I was waiting for someone to post this.

Preach Lemmy!


26 posts so far and no...?.

seaspot_run Level 7 Apr 14, 2018
RobAnybody Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

I've never heard this. It's great! Thanks for sharing.

Good choice! But I prefer the Lepecially the Lena Horne version - especially the part about Methuselah


This one? She swings it too much for my taste.
Mind you Normie Rowe was the first one I came across. I'm still trying to find the one I like best, but can't remember the artist.

Cher does it well too, love Gershwin.


A classic.

Donna_I Level 7 Apr 14, 2018

Here's one..

thinkwithme Level 6 Apr 14, 2018

good call smile001.gif


Imagine there's no heaven, easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky......

Bizarre Level 5 Apr 15, 2018

I'm confident I didnt take it as Stevie meant it but it was one of the first things that made me question the dogmatic baptist church. It still holds true.

Tutankhamun Level 6 Apr 14, 2018

"Dear God" by XTC, or "God Never Came There" by Elton John. Both do the job quite well.


I also had these which were already quoted :

REM - Losing my religion

Monty Pythons - Bright side of life

Lennon - Imagine

I'll add :

The Black Keys - Fever

Cossetal Level 3 Apr 15, 2018
joeymf86 Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

Suddenly transported to my teenage bedroom, listening to songs my mother disapproved of, though she later admitted they were a talented group.

Great album, thanks for the link.

Youtube probably took down the video but if anyone was wondering what I posted, it was The Beatles' song "Think For Yourself"

Wurlitzer Level 7 Apr 15, 2018
ChrisLAbbey Level 5 Apr 14, 2018

Nice one, had never heard it before.


Jesus of Suburbia. The best punk anti-religion/establishment/culture/Bush anthem ever penned:

PraiseXenu Level 6 Apr 14, 2018

'Nuff said

Davethecrow Level 5 Apr 24, 2018

Ever since I heard it in a busy city shopping precinct at Christmas time. I had to stop and listen as it was so pertinent to the mindless consumerism taking place around me smile003.gif

mediatorguy Level 3 Apr 18, 2018

ACDC Highway to Hell

For the irony.

arnies Level 7 Apr 17, 2018

I was at uni as a mature student doing sociology/social psychology - Half of our year were young students half were mature we all got on really well - I was fairly quiet but in one lecture in a vast round lecture hall the social history prof said that there had been no social uprisings before the 18th century and the shout was out of my mouth before i even knew it myself "What about the Diggers!" he collected himself well and it was then like the Monty Python sketch of 'what have the Romanns ever done for us?

jacpod Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

I don't know if I am joking when I say this or not but i was told by my grandmother that her father sang the red flag at his open door every evening

British translation Billy Bragg's Revision[17] American version
First stanza
Arise, ye workers from your slumber,
Arise, ye prisoners of want.
For reason in revolt now thunders,
and at last ends the age of cant!
Away with all your superstitions,
Servile masses, arise, arise!
We'll change henceforth the old tradition,
And spurn the dust to win the prize!
So comrades, come rally,
And the last fight let us face.
The Internationale
Unites the human race.
So comrades, come rally,
And the last fight let us face.
The Internationale
Unites the human race.

jacpod Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

How cool, I was in a combined union choir and we sang the red flag smile001.gif and the banks are made of marble was a good one too.


Freewill by Rush

th14401 Level 5 Apr 14, 2018

moody blues, in the beginning

magicwatch Level 7 Apr 14, 2018
APaleBlueDot Level 5 May 16, 2018

Jesus' brother Bob by the Arrogant Worms

heathen77 Level 6 May 4, 2018

La La La by Naughty Boy

Shyonetribe Level 4 Apr 18, 2018

if I can have another it would be the diggers song

jacpod Level 8 Apr 15, 2018
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