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LINK 1 killed, more than 100 rescued in Western Nebraska

News from my home state.

HippieChick58 9 Apr 14

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Thank gob I live in So Cal. And it's not brushfire season. Yet.


Climate change....ugh!


I saw that last night.brutal weather

this is the winter that will not end. It just goes on and on my friend.......

@HippieChick58 yeah we had snow showers and night temps in the teens a few days ago. We really need snow or rain

@HippieChick58 That was just EVIL!!
Inspired, witty, but in a totally non religious manner - EVIL! ...
Hadn't thought of that song in YEARS.

@njoy_life_2 LOL. I thought of that as I wrote it, you will have that song in your head for days!!

Just so we are clear...


Wow! That's crazy!


I think Mother Nature needs prozac and estrogen.

Don't forget the progesterone cream.

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