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As of right now, I'm not going to use FB for a week or two.

It's been 1 week of posting a few things on FB. I've had 10 notifications in 1 week. All 10 are likes from 2 people. FB is immature in my honest opinion. A time waster. It's all political now and boring. I think I'll spend my time on here and I won't post or check FB for a week and see who notices. Or IDC anymore. I used to read articles on there. Not many of them come through anymore. Oh well. I will keep it to keep in touch with a family friend only.

Sarahroo29 8 Apr 14

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I deactivated and haven't missed a day of it.

I would, but I have some family friend on there right now. She is on vacation, but she always comments or likes. She's like the only one who really does.


I deactivated my account last week. I was tired of getting notifications from ill-informed ‘friends’ who fall for fake memes, friend suggestions from people I don’t know and adverts for hair loss!

Oh, okay. I might do that.


I tried quitting for 30 days . Didn't happen. HOWEVER, I weaned myself away from the daily crap. Unfriended about 20 people, mostly the obnoxious ones. AND, I check in much less now, to deal with much cooler people

twill Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

I have 25 "friends" on there.


Oh the perks of being active on Messenger and people knowing when you're active. My boss and I were both using Messenger at 3 am last night. I'm sure I'll be asked why I'm up at that time, tomorrow from my assistant manager.

it's none of their business what you were doing up late, so long as it doesn't effect your job .. if they ask, say it was personal and leave it at that .. you are not obligated to tell them anything

@rakuman My sleep med makes me tired by 7:30 pm-8 pm. I fall asleep then and wake up at 2:30 am-3 am. It sucks. I enjoy the quiet alone time though. I check my notifications on here at that time.

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