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LINK Called Out for Anti-Semitic Stereotypes, TV Show “Nurses” Pulls Episode Off Air | Val Wilde | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Television networks on both sides of the US-Canada border are pulling an episode of Canadian hospital drama Nurses out of circulation following criticism from Jewish human rights groups, calling the plot harmful and anti-Semitic.

The episode focuses on the dilemma of an Orthodox Jewish man (literally named Israel) who needs a bone graft from a donor. His father expresses horror that doctors might derive the graft “from anyone — an Arab, a woman?” Israel refuses to allow the doctors to provide him with a graft from “a goyim leg.”

It’s an ugly scenario, to be sure. It combines all the anti-scientific obstinacy of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ blood donor refusals or the near-religious mania of some anti-vaxxers. But it’s even worse, because the substance of the concern has hate and disgust at its heart. The characters appear to find some people so inherently beneath them, to accept any part of them — even a remnant of their bones — would be a fate worse than death.

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That show might have opened some eyes for the good.


I am so sick of the anti-gentile behaviors that the Jews practice. The get way too much press and attention then they deserve.
No, I’m not anti Jewish, I’m anti idiots and assholes.

It's a scripted drama. If it depicted blacks, Arabs or LGBTQ in their stereotypical worst light, you'd be screaming your lungs out.

@barjoe wonder what would happen if it depicted an atheist. Never seen the show. Was it demeaning or just controversial?

is this your "vioce of resaon"?

@Canndue Only saw the clip. The fact that it was written in a script of a drama series on a major network is unacceptable. I'd hope you would agree.

@barjoe guess it depends how it was handled. “ Guess who’s coming to dinner” was pretty controversial in its day.

@Canndue Was a great movie. When that film was made, interracial marriage was illegal in 16 states. Loving vs Virginia SCOTUS made it legal. That film was instrumental in overturning those laws.


whenever my agnostic brothers are talking about things jewish, i think its always right to throw a few "plain as nose on your face" facts into the mix. like this one: ALL THE AMERICAN LYNCHING DEATHS, FROM THE CIVIL WAR TO PRESENT DAY, DONT EQUAL THE DEATH TOLE OF ONE AFTERNOON AT AUSWITZ, AND THEN OVER AND OVER, ROUGHLY A 1 HOUSAND MORE DAYS, 1942 TO 1945. ...... THE FIRST OVERT POLITICAL ACT OF THE PALESTINIANS, IN THE EARLY 1950S, WAS A SEA RAID WHERE THEY MURDERED 24 JEWISH CHILDREN IN A SCHOOL HOUSE . maybe the old man should be given a pass on his arab hatred.

After the palestinians were kicked out of their homeland?

And after the Palestinians were subject to Jewish terrorist attacks by the Irgun, Stern gang etc in the 1940s. The schoolhouse was on land from which the Palestinians had been ethnically cleansed by these groups.

@Canndue what were these "palistinians" doing before they were "kicked out of their homweland" ? wasnt there a shooting war of survival between them and the jewsl? isnt that where the mantra of "driving the jews into the sea" originated? the war they lost. and in fact werent these "palistinans" actually exiles from jordan who were dispised by the mainstream jordanians then and even today? could it be that something in their hypocritical predelection to murder and terrorize makes even other arabs despise them? are they welcome in jordan today?and then there's this: got any crockodile tears for the jews having been "kicked out of their homeland "?(those that didnt go up the chimney that is)

@holdenc98 I get it, mistreatment of one group gives them the right to mistreat others...makes sense now

@Canndue .my friend, that you must know is sophistry. i don't think your bias can be shakin. as the early rumblings of the historical american anti semitism are heard again (you know, neo brown shirts murdering jews, this year, in american synagogs),. i have to "hope to god" that the bais is nothing more than npr fever. a few bromides from you, maybe saying you don't think jews have tails or drink christian baby blood, would be nice to hear, and re assuring.

@holdenc98 only the atheist Jews do that! 😉 no people deserve to be mistreated, ever, Jews are no exception.


If anything, it's anti arab.


Who would write a script like that? How did it get approved in the first place?


So reality is anti-Semitic?

Yes. It depicts an ethnic group in a false light.

@barjoe It depicted a person and his abhorrent religious beliefs.

@Krish55 You might be okay with offensive racist, antisemitic and ethnic stereotypes. I'm not. Nurses isn't a good show anyway. Why do you think they took it down?

@barjoe Was it a scripted comment or the did the person make that comment on his own?

@Krish55 Of course it was scripted. It's a TV show, actor read his lines. It's a medical drama, not based on truth, somebody wrote that.

@barjoe OK, I thought it was a reality show with an individual displaying his homegrown prejudice. I don't watch TV, so I just assumed it was unscripted reality. If it was scripted then you are right and it should have been taken down.

@Krish55 It's not. Al the positive images they could depict in a show called "Nurses", this is disappointing.


And yet I am sure this happens, probably on a regular basis. It’s a shame when reality is seen as offensive, while “reality” TV shows broadcast a distorted reality that so many believe in.

Show me an example where it occurs. The dialogue used was the real problem. It's not a reality show Barn, it's a medical drama. It's not right to show an ethnic group in a stereotypical negative light.

@barjoe Orthodox and Hasidic Jews are, like Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians, outside the norms of their religion. Most TV drama draws off of actual stories (not all but many). WKRP in Cincinnati wild plots were mostly based on actual radio events from around the country.
As for showing things like this happen:

@Barnie2years That news story is 26 years old. Did you notice that? Here's one that more recent. Let me know if you think this is more unfair than your link. []

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