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LINK Orthodox Christians in Cyprus Are Protesting a “Satanic” Eurovision Entry | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Orthodox Christians in Cyprus are furious over the island nation submission in the Eurovision song contest.

Elena Tsagrinou‘s entry is called “El Diablo” and Orthodox leaders claim it’s mocking faith and promoting Satan. They’ve already called for her withdrawal from the contest: (follow link for video)

snytiger6 9 Mar 7

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BNSMHO (Bloody Near Shaking My Head Off) in disbelief.


Out of simple curiosity here, Do these Chrustians ACTUALLY employ someone to sit down and dream up things for them to complain about?


She wrote a song about her abusive boyfriend at the time.


These assclowns will never change. Tell me are these the relatives of Tipper Gore? Jennifer Norwood? Or maybe even Jesse Helms or Tammy Faye Baker? Music has been a favorite scapegoat of these groups for decades. And not just Heavy Metal or Hard Rock.

This is the list compiled by the now defunct PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) for the 1985 Senate hearings on “Porn Rock”

During the hearing Tipper Gore Claimed the song by the band Twisted Sister “Under the Blade” glorified “Sadomasochism and Rape”. When Questioned Vocalist Dee Snider replied that the song was about surgery and the fear it instills in people, and that the only S&M that existed in the song was in the mind of Ms. Gore.


Same crazies that wouldn't stop giving communion during Covid.

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