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Log on problem with google account.

Fellow members, i just sent this email to @Admin about log on problem with google account.

"Dear Admin

I have an issue with log on with my Gmail account.

Currently I am only able to connect automatically with my phone on one browser, and I fear if I log out I will unable to log on again even with that. My other android device, tablet, will not connect at all.

The problem is, your log on page no longer has log on with Gmail, only user name and password, and Gmail address and password does not work.

This is a further problem with Gmail log on. My Gmail account has never worked with your App, so I can't use it.

I would like to have a normal user name and password please, no longer using google log on.

For example:
Username: David1955
Password: (given or chosen passwood)

I fear I will be locked out soon, all devices, so your help is appreciated.



Is anyone else out there having problems with google account log on?

I confess, I have had enough of the problems using google account log on here, and I very much hope Admin will give me a connect with a username and password.


David1955 8 Mar 8

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Sounds like you have put all your eggs (logins/passwords) into one basket (Google). 😮

No, it was a choice between two options, and Google log on to other sites without problem, so I deduce it is a site problem not a google log on problem. And I haven't put all my eggs into a google basket. Far from it. Only certain ones. Unfortunately I chose it here.


I only go one the site with my phone and I don't use a very strong password for this site. It's a very old default password. I'd have to be in late stage Alzheimer's to forget it.

Well I connect by android and chrome devices, and google account log on is now almost not working at all, so I need a fix and soon before I'm locked out completely.

@David1955 Can you log in by manually entering your username and password?

@barjoe no. Never have been able to. When I joined i chose to join with my Google account. Big mistake. Should have chosen a username and password. Hoping @Admin obliges me with that.

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