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LINK AHA News: How Grief Rewires the Brain and Can Affect Health – and What to Do About It - Consumer Health News | HealthDay

WEDNESDAY, March 10, 2021 (American Heart Association News) -- Grief is a common, if not universal, human experience. But that doesn't make it simple.

It's psychological, but it affects people physically. It's a matter of science, but scientists who discuss it can sound poetic. Dr. Katherine Shear, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University School of Social Work in New York, calls grief "the form that love takes when someone we love dies."

COVID-19 has both brought grief and disrupted the way people experience it. But researchers have been examining grief since well before the pandemic.

Simply defining it can be difficult. Shear, who also is director of the Columbia Center for Complicated Grief, said "there are pretty much as many different definitions of grief as there are people." Commonly, it's thought of as a feeling, like sadness. That's not wrong, she said, but it's more accurate to call it "the response to loss," a complex and multifaceted thing with yearning and longing at its core.

Its health implications are serious.

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As one grows older one is less affected by grief as one experiences the death of loved ones.

I don't necessarily think so. I'm pretty sure if one of my grands passed on it would devastate me. That would be out of the natural order of things, and not even to be considered. It scared the hell out of me that my newest grand was a preemie and had to spend many days in the NICU and I couldn't visit due to COVID. Losing any of them, or my kids, is just not imaginable.


I got grief sorted out in my 20's and have had refresher courses through the years. The first go round did require a course of anti depressants but once you learn the tricks (and they are different for each person) moving forward becomes doable.
Cute animal videos really do help. If I am really cranked and watch one I can feel the tension drop.
Some happy dance videos help - the new neo swing or electric swing are fun.
The internet is both a source of anxiety and and way to find calming music and videos.
That is the key I think viewing or listening to things that generate a fun response can really help.
Though I suppose those with the religious background might go the guilt trip route. Like I said my first go round got me over that really quick. Professional help can make a big difference.


I don't know why but when I've suffered grief I also had feelings of guilt. That is self destructive.

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