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LINK Supreme Court CORRUPTION Exposed - YouTube

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redbai 7 Mar 21

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The corruption on the right is pervasive.


Wow! Disturbing and yet not hard to imagine. My question is what can Congress do about it!

They could initiate investigations into the processes used to approve these Justices instead of pretending that it's irrelevant because they're already there as there is obvious evidence that there are questions to be addressed. The Republicans did multiple investigations to find out nothing about Hillary and Benghazi, I think spending some time on something that actually matters would be a step in a direction of showing people that they can be relevant instead of petty and partisan.

@redbai I hope that can actually result in enforcible rules, if actual removals from the bench are out of the question. I am wondering Congress' Constitutional role here.


FIRE the 3 and put them in jail.

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