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What makes SCIENCE so believable?

What makes the science explanation about the origin of the world so believable and the Bible's creation story so fictional?

P.S. don't ya dare told me that bible story is fictional because no one has ever seen the "god".... scientist were not in the beginning of time, too.. it's all just a matter of theories and assumptions tho...

johnwein0517 4 Oct 2

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Let's say you have a lamp in your house that does not work, you put a new bulb in and it works again. Do you believe that the old bulb was burned out, or do you believe that God made the lamp work again?

This is the same argument, just on a very simplistic scale. This is how science works- you have a hypothesis (the bulb is bad), you test it (new bulb), and then you come up with a theory (lamps that don't work have burned out bulbs). Sometimes there is something else wrong with the lamp, and we need to change our hypothesis. We also test our theory by putting the old bulb back in. If we put the old bulb back in, and the lamp does not work, this builds more evidence that our theory is correct.

An impediment to people understanding evolution is the concept of the immense time scale that it occurred. The concept of how slowly changes occur, and the trying wrap your head around what a billion years is like, is tough. But the more you know, the more it makes sense.

Whenever I imagine how very slowly time changes, it almost makes me dizzy. It's like you think of this almost interminably long period of time ... then you realize that that's just a tiny portion of it!


Science is not believable, but rather knowable or not knowable. That which is knowable is so because of experiment, and verifyable facts. And that which is not known but able to be acted upon as if known is so because of falsifyable hypothesis, and observable facts.


It is based on physical evidence and the scientific method which seeks to remove biases and insert cold objectivity.


Verifiable facts


Uh... it's testable...


Because just about every single experiment we've ever done in science is completely reproducible by the average person. And is continuously tested year after year and gives the same results over and over again. The way you think of the word theory is not how the scientific community thinks of the word theory. A theory is the result of a vast amount of experimentation done by many scientists that expresses a fundamental part of the universe, and continuously withstands the tests of other scientists year after year. The reason it is called a theory is because despite all of these tests it would only take a single reproducible experiment to prove it wrong. That's why there is so much controversy surrounding quantum mechanics and Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. Personally science really needs another name other than theory because it's obvious the common person sees that word and completely negates most of their belief in whatever science is being talked about afterwards.

Oh, wow! Science explained in layman's terms. How admirable! Thank you


just to clear things out, I'm trying my best not to become bias on any side. all I want is intelligent answers. thank you so much pips.

We're all here to learn and make things crystal clear - as clear and absolut as what I'm holding in a bottle. So let's drink to that - salud!


The genetic evidence behind evolutionary theory is just so....overwhelmingly solid. If you want to compare what scientists have observed regarding the phenotypic and genotypic characteristic of the known lifeforms on earth, you can paint a vastly more complex (and interesting) story than what we are supplied in the book of Genesis. This level of evidence creates a continuous trail that we can trace back (like a trail of breadcrumbs) that is corroborated by ancient fossil evidence as well as smaller scale ecological studies within the past couple centuries. It's not an immense leap of faith or stretch of the imagination. For me personally, I needn't suspend my disbelief to accept the scientific theories the way I would have to for the stories of the Bible.

Yes I agree. Religion has been producing physical evidence of the historicity of the people and events in the Bible but still couldn't stand up to trial . . . just like writers editing the script of a poorly crafted story of a pathetically conceived plot.


this is kind of a vague question when you say origin of the world. are you asking about why scientific theory about the earth was formed? or the origin of life? (is more believable than a religious story) i will address both.

  1. the theory of evolution has so much evidence to support it - (natural selection- and survival of the fittest ) we can examine it in small scale with dogs- evolved from wolves - and because human selectively bred them we now have Yorkies (adorable) from what were once huge wolves... i know that i didn't see this happen in my lifetime... but it makes logical sense to me- more than an all powerful god created everything

  2. no one in the science community threatens me with Hell if i don't believe their way of thinking.

  3. we have the fossil record that shows creatures much older than the bible says the earth should be

  4. the idea of intelligent design is just false to me. we have to many vestigial organs and- if you were designing a city (as god might have designed a body) would you really put a sewage treatment plant right next to a playground?

It is said that man is estimated to be about 100,000+ years old civilizations formed some 6,000 years ago (same as the pyramids?). . . I wonder how Cain felt when he met those guys in Nod? He might have thought, "my dad had a concubine here!"


The fact that it relies on empirical evidence, peer review, and testing, retesting, and retesting again every experiment that has ever been done. I always placed fairly high in the science fair because I conducted my experiments very professionally, and tried to keep out personal prejudices.

The Bible is less "fictional" and more, I believe, allegorical. It's a book of moral, ethical and historical allegories. To call it fictional is like calling the story of Narcissus (Was so obsessed with his reflection in the pond that he couldn't stop staring at it).

Of course it's freaking fictional. But it has a deeper meaning than the fictional story itself.

I disagree it isnt a book of morals... One example slavery do you agree. Owning some as property is moral because i dont. Yet the bible does. I can continue because there tons of immoral stuff in the bible.

If it isnt fictional then please supply the proof

I didn't say it wasn't fictional. I said it was allegorical. An allegory is a fictional story meant to portray a message or moral. And keep in mind that the morals being conveyed are severely outdated. These stories were written in ancient times at the earliest and the Dark Ages (about 500 to 1000 AD) at the latest.

I believe that scientists observe and approach everything with an open mind. I guess we can also do that with religion


Just acknowledging what science is brings us to reality Science means knowledge, there is a methodology standard to science, If someone does not use the standard model then it is NOT science
SCIENCE IS REAL WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT. This is fact, Science is never wrong , it is merely seeking the truth,

EMC2 Level 8 Dec 29, 2017

It is verifiable and stands the test of validity every day. Every time religion has come up against science, religion lost. I am a life-long atheist, being a skeptic before I learned the word or understood the the meaning. I argued with cousins about the utter ridiculous idea of a Santa Claus; reindeer don't fly, case closed. "Santa Claus is watching you" is a early life primer for a kid that later morphs to "God is watching you" and just as stupid and idiotic.

Over the years as I matured I was a hyper-active agnostic who soon realized I was a full-on atheist. I co-organized the Denton Atheist Meet Up 22-miles to the east of Decatur, Texas and then organized the Wise Free Thinkers & Skeptics Meet Up. I was reluctant to use "Atheist" as this is another of those Texas bible-belt towns, whereas Denton is a college town with University of North Texas and Texas Women's College and more liberal. The two groups meet on opposite Sundays, so I spend each and every Sunday with Atheists and we have a great time. Atheism is where it's at! "Wise" is the name of the county in which Decatur is located and I had to use that duality.

Ozone Level 2 Dec 28, 2017

Umm....facts? Tangible and testable evidence. Is this a trick question?


Because on makes claims and tries to justify them though explaining their reasoning and thought process as to why those things happened, the other makes claims and justifies them by saying god said so


Darling, don't you dare forget that we are all here to learn from each other and become better persons in the process. And don't you dare forget that we all have the right to express our views and opinions in whatever decent way we can. So, be good for goodness' sake, said St.Nick! Be a good girl, behave. Patience is a nice virtue.

Science, per se, is law. And being law it is infallible. It has gone through the "test of fire" and test of time, proven beyond any doubt. So hard not to believe anything like that.

I've seen God, I always do. He is everywhere. He is everything. I see Him everytime I look in the mirror. "I and The Father are one." "I am one with God" "I am one with the universe." He made us in His own image, with His Own Self, with everything that He's made of otherwise we won't be His children/creation. Where do you think He got all the stuff to create the universe? Nowhere else but from Himself!

Said Sting: "We share the same biology regardless of ideology"

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