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LINK Here’s Alaska Newest GOP Senate Candidate Kelly Tshibaka Speaking in Tongues | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has occasionally voted against her Republican Party, making her one of the more moderate members of what’s become a party full of right-wing extremists. She opposed Brett Kavanaugh‘s Supreme Court confirmation, voted to protect the Affordable Care Act at a precarious time, and voted to convict Donald Trump after his second impeachment.

It’s that last one that’s most upsetting to the MAGA cultists and as a result, Murkowski will have challengers in her primary when she runs for re-election next year. One of them is Kelly Tshibaka, an Alaska state official, who announced this week she was resigning from her job as the state’s Commissioner for the Department of Administration in order to focus on her upcoming race. She has already enlisted the help of a number of Donald Trump campaign operatives.

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Super weird to me. Makes the brand of christianity I was raised with seem “safe and sane” by comparison (relatively speaking). Maybe she is tapping into her subconscious, which is desperately trying to tell her she needs more potassium in her diet or something.


Yikes, choosing between a Pentacostal or a QAnon, that's a tough one. It's the Republicans who are manifestly unfit to vote.

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