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LINK Franklin Graham: God Sent a Super Moon to Free the Boat from the Suez Canal | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Evangelist Franklin Graham upset his followers last week when he urged them to get vaccinated, so I guess he’s trying to win them back over by saying the dumbest possible things.

This time, he’s giving God credit for freeing the Ever Given from the Suez Canal:

I know this is Atheism 101 here, but it’s telling that Graham credits God with freeing the boat while never blaming God for the boat getting stuck in the first place. Egypt lost an estimated $90 million in toll revenue. $10 billion worth of cargo was delayed, and in some cases (like food), that’s just going to waste.

But Graham thinks God sent a Super Moon — one which we knew would occur well in advance of the incident due to science — to unclog the canal instead of just preventing the boat from causing chaos.

snytiger6 9 Apr 1

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He's giving "god" credit for freeing the ship by sending a full moon that was on the calendar anyway? Wasn't it "god's" fault the ship got stuck in the first place? Stupid fuck.

Well if one assumes there is a god and that he controls the winds... then yes it was gods fault the ship got stuck.

@snytiger6 You did see I put "god" in quotes. Sandstorm grounded the ship, although there may have been human error as well. The ship was fed with yeoman effort by People. Full moon is determined by the calendar, those who refloated Evergiven knew when high tide would be.

@barjoe I'm partially blind. So, I missed the quotes.

By all accounts the ship was steered into a constant steady wind, which suddenly stopped blowing, causing the ship to turn into the sides of the canal. It is my understanding that due to the size of the ship, they could not correct it in time to prevent it getting stuck.

@snytiger6 I have glaucoma, not too bad yet, so I can sympathise with you vision issues. Sorry.

@barjoe My vision seems to have stabilized. My vision issues are most due to Stargardt's (aka Juvenile Macular Degeneration). It did affect until I was 29, which is kind of late and on the far end of the bell curve. I also recently have also developed cataracts, which in one eye has been removed.

@snytiger6 My cataracts are getting worse. Insurance won't pay for surgery until it gets so bad that's it's deemed as "Medically Necessary". I already can't drive as high speed freeways at night. I can't afford out of pocket.

@barjoe Just another reason why everybody shoudl have a right to healthcare... like in many Northern European countries.


Of course Sky Daddy would have 'intervened' since that nasty little Devil was the cause of it, I mean Sky Daddy has to get some credit even though he/she/it has been 100% AWOL for the last 2,000+ years and more....LOL.

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