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LINK AL Senate Delays Yoga-in-School Bill After Complaints from Right-Wing Christians | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Alabama’s attempt to override the state’s yoga-in-schools ban was already eyeroll-inducing when we learned the came with the caveat that schools would be prohibited from using words like “Om” or “Namaste” in connection with the activity. Who knew stretching could be too brown for Alabama?

And yet today, Alabama Republicans think even that concession isn’t enough. Republicans, with the help of right-wing Christian hate groups, have delayed the yet again. Why? Because stretching might lead students to change their religion.

snytiger6 9 Apr 2

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Instead of Chicken Little screaming that "the Sky is Falling," now we have the Chrustians screaming " Watch out, the Yogas are coming to get everyone squatting and chanting."


It's actually good to see that Alabama's legislature has nothing better to spend their time on. 😤


At least Bugs Bunny cartoons are comical.

I don't know sometimes I kind of feel sorry for Pete puma all he wants is a cup of tea.

@oldFloyd LMAO!! How many lumps do you want? But I don’t want no tea!!

@CuddyCruiser COFFEE!

Ahh, that's all folks. No brain cells there!!


That is just like followers of Falun Gong are persecuted in China. It is all a mater of fear, fear that the people will start thinking and acting independently.


That some of stupidest stuff I have ever heard. Even when I believe in the bs, I thought is dumb.


Christians are desperate to hold on to church goers. They fear YOGA will lure their flock away.

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