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LINK Creationists Lash Out After Professor Demands “Higher Standards” in Science Ed | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

There’s a big kerfuffle in the world of Creationists and it has to do with Christian academics not taking them seriously… because they shouldn’t.

This started a month ago when Dr. Joshua Swamidass, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis, wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal all about accreditation and Creationism.

In a nutshell, he believes the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) should be allowed to give its stamp of approval to Creationism-teaching schools like Bob Jones University even if secular organizations would look down on the school and the group. (TRACS may lose its ability to grant such accreditation this October precisely because of its lax standards.)

However, as a compromise, and in order to uphold “higher standards on science education,” Swamidass suggests TRACS should only grant accreditation to Christian schools that are transparent about their beliefs on transcripts. For example, BJU shouldn’t be able to just give a student an “A” in Biology. They should make it clear the student got an “A” in Biology that was built on a Creationist framework. Swamidass says that would allow the schools to remain accredited, for TRACS to maintain its ability to grant accreditation, and no one would be automatically punished for promoting biblical views regarding science.

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Creationists are denialists, worthy of mockery.


Creationism in a nut-shell,
A completely Non-corporeal Entity SUDDENLY decides to CREATE Everything and Anything from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, First IT creates Light WITHOUT first creating a Source for the light to be emitted from, then creates darkness, which btw, is ALREADY there JUST in case the light it has created does NOT illuminate everything that it has NOT yet created.
Then this Non-corporeal Entity decides to CREATE from NOTHING Planets, Stars and the like WITHOUT really knowing what they are in the first place,.
Then, selects 1 tiny little chunk of rock, created from NOTHING and then creates ALL things living to reside upon it.
Now we come down to Creationist Biology in a nut-shell,
a) Does this Non-corporeal Entity REALISE that IT needs to create BOTH Genders of EACH species of living creatures, in numbers greater than a mere 2 or 4 so they can copulate and reproduce,
b) This Entity then creates a male Human Being from dust, THEN decides to CREATE a Female counterpart for his Male Human Being by using a BONE from the Male, i.e. Cloning,
c) the CREATED Male and it clones decide to get 'fruity', the Clone falls pregnant ( an IMPOSSIBILITY since it is a Clone with ONLY the X and Y Chromosome taken from a MALE in the first place), time goes by and the Male Human and the Clone Human eventually populate the entire planet, single-handedly so to speak.
Yep, that makes about as much sense as holding an empty tumbler under a light bulb, throwing the switch and waiting for the tumbler to fill with a liquid fit to drink.


Creationist bullshit should be called out for what it is (unadulterated bullshit) and Creationists should be soundly and repeatedly mocked for their refusal to use their brains.


This smell like a huge pile of human shit.


well, or at least Christian views eh, as the biblical view might as easily fit with evolution?

You do realize in ancient times that the mentally ill were said to have been "touched by the god(s)", and the most functional of the mentally ill wee known as "prophets". A gret deal of what the "prophets" waid led to wars killing millions.

Meanwhile, in modern times, evolution has been proved many times over just through observation.

So, no the biblical stories are not comparable or compatible with evolution. Religion is myth dreamed up mostly by persons who are mentally ill, while evolution is proven science.

@snytiger6 ok ty

an image of God?
the dust of the earth?

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