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LINK Researchers Say the Supreme Court is Now More “Pro-Religion” Than Ever Before | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

In recent years, the Supreme Court has ruled become much more of a rubber stamp to religious groups — and specifically to Christian groups — than we’ve ever seen throughout its history.

That’s the conclusion of a new paper to be published in the Supreme Court Review by professors Lee Epstein and Eric A. Posner. They found that the current court, under Chief Justice John Roberts has issued more “pro-religion” rulings — often against church/state separation or in favor of bending the rules for people of faith — than his predecessors. The Roberts Court has ruled on the side of religion 81.3% of the time, compared to 45.5% under Earl Warren.

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Look at the dummy that appointed the last 1 or 2 to the supreme court. How does that make America great again?

I think Trump actually appointed two justices.

@snytiger6 Three: Barrett, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh. I’d forgotten the names of two and found them at []

@yvilletom You're right I must have referenced an older article.


Yeah...because..."SIENZ IS HARD"😂😂😂


The article may claim that they are “winning”, but in reality they aren’t.

You see, if they were actually “winning”, Then the Christian/Religious/Evangelical fools numbers would be growing. But we know that’s not true. Even with all the Trump appointed hard right whackjobs on the Federal Judciary would not be able to, or even SCOTUS for that matter be able to change anything. Sure many of them will be there for 30 years or better......but in that amount of time whites will be a minority. Gen Z and millenials kids will be having kids by that time, and almost surely their children will reject it just as much. So, let the faithfools do whatever they do.......But that’s all going to end one day.

I hope I live to see something like this.


How does this compare to the Huge amount of cases now being brought there vs. 25 years ago?


Considering recent Conservative appointments I don't think this is much of a surprise. What I am impressed by are the number of decisions rendered against Trump by judges of his appointment.

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